Using Energy Balls


Orin: Clearing Energy to Release Obstacles and Experience Divine Perfection

It is important to learn how to clear energy to sustain contact with your innermost, Divine Self. With sustained contact, obstacles and limitations fall away and you can experience the divine perfection that is possible in your life.

What does it mean to clear energy?

Throughout your day you are exposed to various energies–beliefs, concepts, thoughts, emotions, fears, worries, and cultural conditioning. I will call this energy “mass consciousness.” While these beliefs and fears may seem to come from certain people, the media, or simply arise from within you, they are impersonal energies that do not originate from within you or from any person or group. They are ancient in origin and simply exist. You can learn to recognize when you have been influenced by these impersonal energies, and then easily release them.

You can recognize when mass consciousness energies have affected you by noticing whenever you feel unfocused, fearful, irritated, angry, discouraged, powerless, or have other feelings or thoughts that are discordant, distracting, or leave you feeling off-balance. You may feel unusually tired or spacey. You can start clearing by affirming that these energies are NOT YOU. You can learn to easily clear these kinds of energies once you realize that they are affecting you.

What do clear states feel like?

When you are clear, the light of the Divine within you shines through you. You feel confident, joyful, and inspired, full of hope, aliveness, and vitality. Regrets and fears are gone. Solutions appear. What seemed like problems or obstructions disappear. Burdens fall away and you feel good about your life.

As you continue to clear, you get quicker at recognizing when you have been affected by mass consciousness thoughts and emotions. You no longer spend days or hours feeling low or discouraged. You let go of this energy and return to your balanced, clear self.

You do not think of “who” is causing this or blame others. You feel compassion for others, for you recognize that they too are being affected by these impersonal energies.

Results of clearing—Divine Perfection revealed

Clearing energies that are affecting you opens the way for your highest good to come about and for the divine perfection and highest outcome to reveal itself in every area of your life. Being in a clear state allows you to unfold the greater potential of your life. It makes it easier to recognize that which is part of your purpose and that which is not. You can create a higher and better future, with ideas and everything you need coming to you in perfect timing. When your energy is clear you are magnetic to ideas, opportunities, inspiration, abundance, and people. Disharmony turns into harmony, turmoil into peace, self-doubt into self-confidence and self-pity into self-esteem.

Your clear energy is a gift to everyone around you. As you keep your energy clear and sustain a higher state of consciousness, you offer clear energy to everyone around you. You become a source of light and stability to an ever–widening circle of people, and to all life.

Orin: Clearing Energy Meditation/Exercise

When you notice that you are not clear, use these steps to help yourself return to the naturally loving, harmonious state that is the truth of your being.

Steps you can take to clear energy:
1)  Make contact with your Divine Self. Affirm that your Divine Self is your true identity. If there is some feeling, thought, physical state, or energy that is bothering you, set your intention to clear it so you can experience the joy, love, and harmony that is your natural state.
2)  Connect with your Divine Self, your spirit, at the center of your being. You  might sense It as a clear, brilliant, radiant light. With this connection, realize that there are no energies that are more powerful than the power of the Divine Self within you. Think of the energy you want to clear as impersonal energy that has NO power over you.
3)  Sense the radiant light of your Divine Self and watch this enormous, clear, radiant light move out from the center of your being into anything that seems to block you, including thoughts, feelings, energies, memories, or beliefs.
As this brilliant light moves out from you, recognize that these unwanted energies are not real and that they have no power. They are not supported by any spiritual law. They are inconsequential, temporary, transitory, energies that are easy to dissipate and keep away when you recognize them for what they are and know how to handle them. In the light of spirit they do not exist. Watch them fade into nothingness.  
4) Let the Divine perfection that the energies were hiding be revealed. Notice how wonderful you feel when these lesser energies are removed.
5) Open to receive inner guidance from your Divine Self about actions to take to unfold the divine perfection that is possible with the clearing of these energies. You may receive a feeling, sense, or mental picture; or simply find that any unwanted mental, emotional, or physical conditions have vanished.

As you practice clearing, you become able to more quickly recognize when you have been affected by mass consciousness energy, and then easily release these unwanted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. These will no longer define or control you. You know these are NOT who you are!

Clearing work is cumulative, and as you continue you will find less energy to clear. You will experience a more peaceful and harmonious life. You will be freer to feel, think, and act as your innermost Divine Self.

-Orin and DaBen

Sage – Cleansing and smudging

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. The Latin for sage, ‘Salvia,’ stems from the word ‘to heal.’ The other qualities of sage when burned, such as giving wisdom, clarity and increasing spiritual awareness, are also indicated in the name. It’s no accident that we refer to wise people as sagely.

The benefits of burning sage can be harnessed very simply by burning sage in your home, office or any other place in need of cleansing.

Sage burning cleansing rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be, but it’s of the highest importance that your intention be clear before you begin. If you are burning sage to purify a space, or a person (even yourself) then this needs to be clearly planted in your mind before you even the light the sage, and while taking the smoke around a home, or through a space.

The best sage to use for such purposes is white sage, although if you have garden sage then this will work fine also (just make sure it is dried). Any local farmer’s market or health food store should carry it, as well as new age stores. Of course, you can order online as well. White Sage (Also called Sacred Sage) leaves are widely used as a cleansing herb, to purify the mind, body and also to purify the atmosphere and to dispel negativity. It is also used to purify sacred items. It is often carried in a charm bag or even a pocket to ensure personal and spiritual safety. Sage is used in wish manifestations and to attract money. This herb is often used to promote healing and spirituality.

The process is simple enough. If you have a heavy earthenware pot (something heatproof), then place the bundled sage into the pot and light it for a few seconds before extinguishing the flame and letting the smoke billow up. Really dry sage will catch fire quickly, so watch your fingers.

Smudging yourself: Fan the swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe with your hands or feather. You may want to especially focus on chakra areas where you feel there are blockages or where there has been or is physical, emotional, or psychic pain. Visualize the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies that have attached themselves to you. If you are feeling depressed for instance you could visualize the smoke carrying away all your feelings of depression.

How can smudging be so powerful? The answer lies in the world of spiritual energy. Homes and bodies are not just made of just the physical matter; they also vibrate with quiet, invisible energy. Cleansing a space or ourselves with techniques such as smudging helps to cleanse away all the emotional and psychic ‘trash’ that may have gathered over the last few days, months, years or even hundreds of years. In a very real way, it is a form of spiritual spring cleaning!
The effects of smudging can be surprisingly quick and dramatic. Smudging can help you banish stress, rid yourself and the area around you of negativity and even give you more energy. Smoke from White Sage can help dispel anger and calm frayed nerves, thus helping to avoid a fight or argument even before it begins! Smudging with White Sage can turn any space, no matter where, into a calming sanctuary – a place of renewal and increased happiness.


Personal Power From Orin

I invite you to explore with me the universe you know so well. We will view it from a slightly different perspective, in a way that allows it to take on an added dimension, an unsuspected richness. It is the world of energy that exists all around you.

Looking at energy closely is like looking at a familiar object through a microscope. Although it is still the same object, it looks different up close.

You can learn to recognize the energies you pick up subconsciously.

The microscope, in this case, is your awareness, your innate ability to focus your attention on whatever you choose. Not only do you perceive the world through your physical senses, you also pick up information constantly at a nonverbal, intuitive level. Your thoughts are the doorway to sensing energy, and your inner eyes provide the tools for changing and working with it. You can learn to heal negative energy, to increase your ability to visualize, and to have telepathic communication with people, knowing what they are thinking of you and how to work with their nonverbal messages. We will be working with your inner world. Part of sensing energy is hearing the messages all around you. You need not be affected by other people’s bad moods. You have the ability to heal every time you notice negativity, to help people evolve, to increase the positive energy around you, and change the nature of your personal relationships.

You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to.

Many energies exist that affect you throughout the day. You are also a broadcasting station, with a home base, a frequency, and a mind set. The way you perceive, judge, and react to your thoughts throughout the day grounds you in your reality and is the basis upon which that reality is created. As you become thoroughly familiar with your reality, you may leave it, for there are many realities you may step into once you are familiar with your own home station. You have a greater identity than you can imagine; you can unlock your present identity to experience even more of the richness of who you are.

Because you are like a radio, you can learn to set the dial and receive whatever information you want. You are telepathic; you receive and send messages all the time. If you want to become successful, if you want to experience greater peace and love between you and other people, if you want to move out of the denser energies into the finer ones, you can learn to do so. You can learn to identify thoughts and feelings from others you do not want to tune into, turning off their broadcast and linking with the higher energies of the universe instead. You will learn to open your intuition, that ability to sense and understand events at a deeper level, and open to receive guidance and answers to your questions.

Mankind as a species is awakening to many new abilities. These abilities are part of the evolutionary journey of man. The human aura – the energy surrounding the body – is evolving. With this evolution comes the ability to sense what used to be unseen, invisible energy. That energy can now be recognized, interpreted and directed; that which was unseen and unrecognized can now be visible and known.

You are evolving rapidly, and the evolutionary journey of man is continuing to take a leap forward. When you look back into the days of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man you can see your bodies have changed; your ability to sense energy has changed radically also. Even the five senses have changed. For instance, earlier man did not have the ability to see all the colors you can see today.

Your energy centers are opening, your ability to be aware of and affected by previously invisible and unseen energies is increasing.

You can learn how to use these newly awakened senses. They are already awakening and present in you or you would not be called to this information. I am acting as a guide, one who has traveled before in these realms of energy that you are beginning to explore. Things such as telepathy, precognition, the ability to tap into new scientific inventions, discoveries of information not yet known, and an increased connection with universal consciousness will become the norm as evolution takes its course. The awakening of man is a journey into awareness of the higher energy realms. It is possible now for many to learn what was before only possible for a few. The awareness that used to take years of training in special techniques and meditation to develop is now possible for many to achieve without years of special preparation. The evolutionary journey is one of awakening consciousness, and I will help you in this course to discover, understand, and nurture the awakening that is already present within you. If you are drawn to this information, then you are certainly developing and experiencing your latent abilities. You can use them to operate more efficiently in your everyday world, coming from your higher self and creating immediate changes in your life.

Many of you grew up as very aware, sensitive children.

Many of you grew up in environments that often seemed inexplicable, in situations that did not seem to match who you are. Some of you felt different from those around you, as if you had an added dimension of awareness that other people did not have. Many of you felt emotionally sensitive, and it may have seemed that things that did not bother other people affected you greatly. You often did not know what was you and what was other people. Because you were telepathic and emotionally sensitive, you may have taken in other people’s feelings and emotions and thought they were your own.

Most of you are gentle, loving, and sensitive, wanting to develop your personal power in ways that honor both yourself and others. Many of you had painful childhoods, not understanding how to deal with the rigidity of negativity you found around you. Often you were not recognized for who you are – a being of light and love wanting an opportunity to spread that joyful abundance of spirit. You who are evolving this new “sixth sense” are on a rapid path of growth, and need to discover your own uniqueness and skills.

As you open, it is important  to develop wisdom, release pain, and rise above negativity.

As you begin sensing and interpreting the subtler and unseen energies of the universe, you will be developing the skill to know which energies to let become a part of you and which to release. I will show you how to be unaffected by the pain and negativity in other people, how to help yourself and others rise above it, and how to reach and connect with your higher self. As you grow more aware of what you are sensing, you also have the opportunity to become more aware of your higher self, and the guidance that is available to you from the higher realms of the universe.

You can open to your greater consciousness, travel into dimensions and realms that have not yet been explored, see yourself in larger and expanded ways. You can learn to see and understand who you really are, and begin to find answers to questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of life?” As you explore and awaken to these subtle energies, many doors will open and many new worlds will be there for you to discover.

I invite you to explore your greater being, to use your sensitivity to know the magnificence of who you are. Join with me. Explore your inner guidance and higher self as we journey together into the higher realms of the universe.  In love and light, Orin.

- Excerpt From Personal Power Through Awareness. An Orin Book by Sanaya Roman

Advanced Basic Shielding

Moving shields

There are several types of shielding when you move beyond the first type of shielding. These shields focus on movement, as solid shields can be broken with psi-tendrils, and repeated psychic attacks. These shields vary in motion, energy modulation,  as well as energy consumption.  It is also important not to put crazy energy into  “Active” shielding, as such energy output in shielding can raise too many eyebrows, and invite the curiosity of other psivamps.. who would perhaps try to penetrate your shield just for fun or just to test it.

It is far better to have a “Reactive” shield, protective nonetheless, but reactive.

Waterfall/River  shielding

I have found this type of shielding to be very effective, as it is hard to penetrate the same spot twice because the shield is in constant motion.  The principle of this shield once you have the hard shell method down is to circulate the shielding letting it flow around you like “a waterfall” different areas flowing at different speeds modulating themselves…once you get this method down…its really low maintenance.

Chaotic shielding

The Chaotic shield is constantly moving , and randomly changing frequency, movement, and appearance. This type of shield is hard to penetrate, because a single or even repeated attempts at breaking this at the same spot is usually ineffective.

Fire Shield

The fire shield encompasses the user like “the human torch” from the fantastic four… It burns off attacks, as its one of those elemental shields. A common external source would be the sun of course, or the earths core.

Spikey shield

Is exactly how it sounds, it may be a hard shell shield or a moving spike shield.

These nice cool looking shields look impressive but depending on the size they attract way to much curiosity…(I call it the menacing mouse shield). Since they are an active shield they do expend a lot of energy, and need attention in maintenance.  I mostly see a lot of newly awakends use this type of shield to be all big evil bad-assy… Most other Psi’s…really aren’t that impressed.

Active Offensive  Shielding

This type of shielding also serves as an offense…when someone penetrates your shield with a tendril, you penetrate theirs with a tendril; therefore no energy will be lost.

Mirror Shield

A mirror shield is commonly used among the pagan community, what it does is reflect the attacks back on the attacker, or reflects back negative energy…like a mirror…(Comically known as the”I’m rubber you’re glue” shield )

Empathic Shielding

Empathic shielding is typically not a direct assault on you (although it can be) it can be caused by traumatic events or people emoting too much on you..  In order for you not to be consumed by other people’s emotions it is necessary to be able to shield yourself this way also…This way you can differentiate your emotions from the ones you are around.


Cloaking is a technique that’s not easily explained how to do… It is a process by which one masks ones own energy signature.

In conclusion this is just the beginning, eventually you will learn that shielding types are only limited by your imagination, and energy resources…If you learn these well, you will even discover you can power your shield externally.

12 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Aura

by Carole Fogerty

“Every cell in my body is loved and healthy”

Your aura is simply an extension of you. When strong it acts as a protective shield. When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself.Think of your aura as your own personal body guard (in the form of a giant bubble) that simply “flicks off” anything stressful, disturbing or potentially draining that you may be sensitive too.I’m a firm believer in cleansing and nurturing the aura for the overall integrity of our health and well being. Particularly, when many ancient cultures from around the world believe, that illness first starts with a weakness in our auric field.12 great ways to strengthen your aura:1: Yogic cleansing bath:

1 lb Baking soda
1 cup Sea salt

This recipe helps removes chemicals from your physical body and negativity from your aura. Soak for 20 minutes each day and repeat for 7 days.

If you start to feel dizzy or a little weird leave bath immediately as you have successfully loosened and removed enough toxins and negativity for one day.

2: Sage smudge stick:

The smoke from white sage is known by the North American Indians to be very cleansing. I love white sage and have used it successfully for many years to remove negative vibes that I sense in my home or around me. Sage emits negative ions which is the good stuff you find in the air just after a storm or at the ocean.

To cleanse your aura, simply light your sage smudge stick and use your hand to direct the smoke over your head, face, front/sides of your body, under your feet, around your hands and arms, and as much of your back as you can reach.

3: Let the sun feed your aura:

Lots of lovely sunshine is known to feed and expand the aura. Spending time outside amongst nature is incredibly healthy for your body, mind and soul.

The sun fuels you with energy, optimism and loads of vitamin D whilst nature nourishes your senses and grounds you.

4: Sea salt:

Swimming in the ocean or soaking in a salt water bath greatly helps to cleanse the aura and draw out stress.

The sun expands and feeds your aura whilst the sea carries away the negativity.

If you don’t have a bath, and not near the ocean, simply give your body a sea salt scrub before taking a shower. Grab a handful of sea salt and rub it all over your skin before showering. It helps remove dead skin cells, refreshes your aura and draws out toxins.

5: Cold shower:

Cold showers have the ability to clear away negativity in your auric field, remove toxins, improve circulation and draw out tension from your body.

I have personally put the cold shower theory to the test for a whole 3 months (over summer a few years ago). The results were amazing.

My thoughts were clearer, I felt lighter, more energy and things which normally bothered me and hung around my thoughts for days – came and went with ease. I didn’t hold onto negative stuff like I had done before. It helped me greatly through a very difficult time in my life.

6: Sound medicine:

Sound is recognized by many ancient cultures as a healing tool. The sound from Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls are well known for their ability to dissolve negativity and clean your energies. Listening to their sounds before going to sleep is an easy way to support your overall well-being.

Alternately chanting the sound “Om” is an incredibly fast and efficient way to shift stuck, stagnant or negativity energy from your aura and physical body.

7: Labradorite (crystal) :

This crystal is worth a special mention.

Labradorite has been shown by Kirilian photography to heal tears in the auric field by preventing leakage. Holding a labradorite crystal for 20 minutes will last for about 12 hours after the stone is no longer worn.

It is dubbed the “healers” stone and is widely used as protection by body workers, teachers, childcare workers and nurses. It’s a great crystal to wear as a bracelet.

8: Reduce your exposure to electrical stuff:

The radiation and frequencies which are emitted from electrical gadgets, I believe, can interfere with our bodies own natural rhythms, cycles and well-being. Spending too long, at close range, to these man made frequencies can build up static in your auric field and can cause disturbances.

Make your bedroom a priority to be as electrical free as possible. Charge all your gadgets away from your bedroom or at the very least away from your head when sleeping.

Lepidolite is a fabulous crystal to have as a protective field of energy between you and your electrical gadgets. At home I place piece near our TV, beside the beds and near the computer. You will notice over time, the lepidolite eventually becomes paper thin as it absorbs the radiation. It’s quite amazing.

9: Vetiver (an essential oil):

A few drops applied to your belly button at night with help you from taking on too much of other people’s junk. Vetiver is very grounding, and particularly balancing when feeling spacey after long sessions in front of a screen.

It’s an excellent essential oil for calming and grounding and one of my favourite essential oils to use at home.

Vetiver also has a special relationship with your chakras and helps to bring them into alignment. Your chakra’s are directly connected to your aura.

10: Black Tourmaline (crystal):

Great for deflecting radiation and is well known for transmuting negative energy from the aura. It’s a protective stone that can also help you with negative thinking. Its the perfect crystal to carry in your handbag.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing and protection. Smoky quartz on your desk or near the phone will protect you from other people’s stresses and negativity. Amber is an excellent stone to help strengthen your aura. Kunzite will detach unpleasant thoughts.

I can highly recommend wearing an ametrine (amethyst and citrine) bracelet for around 3 – 6 months to heal tears and holes in your auric field that may have appeared from surgery, child birth or extreme stress.

11: Flower essences: Fringed violet and Angelsword:

Angelsword repairs and Fringed violet helps heal damaged or distressed auric fields. Take orally or dab 7 drops of each onto your solar plexus (just below your belly button) before going to bed.

Both these flower essences come from the Australian Bush Flower essence range. If you don’t live in Australia I recommend buying the equivalent flower essences from your own country.

One overseas essence that I can recommend is the Guardian spray from Alaskan essences. I have personally used this spray many times. It is known to create a powerful force field of protection in your aura.

12: Be mindful of people and places that zap your energy:

Notice which places, people or situations leave you consistently feeling zapped or drained. Limit yourself to these situations or at the very least wear a protective crystal to prevent your energy being leached. Labrodrite would be a good crystal to start with.

Carole Fogerty


To dissolve fear, turn and look directly at it, for what you face dissolves in the light of consciousness.

Fear at the lower levels exists as heavy emotions, as a weight, a feeling of tension in the body. It can be a feeling of rushing around, trying to hide under the guise of productivity, doing rather than BEING. When you feel heavy or dark, ask the fear to come into your consciousness. Anything you turn your back on will grow and become worse. When you are willing to stand and face what you fear, the universe will assist you in releasing and healing it. Many of you fear that you are alone; you believe that you must handle everything yourself. You may feel a great weight of responsibility, yet the universe is full of friends, healers, and help. The more you begin to heal those you have contact with, the more healing will come back to you. Receiving and giving healing is the pathway into higher energy.

Fear can often be faced and transformed by breathing relaxation into the body. It also can be handled by action. When you are sensing negative energy in another, a feeling you do not like, do not run and hide from it. First suspend your judgment and then ask the universe for guidance about what action (if any) you can take. The universe will always send you assistance when you ask for it. It may come through your thoughts as insights or revelations; it may come through as something you see or read; or it may come through as something you hear. When you feel any negativity in another, you can stop it from affecting you by asking how you can heal and support them in their growth. You will find that they will look for ways to do the same for you. If they cannot match you in your healing and loving energy, they will leave your life, or you will find yourself not creating as many opportunities to be with them.

What is the fear of sensing energy, what is the fear of finding negative energy in others? Is it a fear that they can harm you? Is it a belief that others can bring you down or make you less? When you become consciously aware of your fear of negative energy, when you are in touch with how you think negative energy can harm you, then you have a basis to begin working with it. Only by facing and acknowledging your fear of negative energy can you transmute it it into harmless energy. Again, positive healing energy is always more powerful than negative energy. Fear can be generated in any area where your images of who you are now and who you want to be do not match. Why do you fear who you are not? Do you feel you are a disappointment to yourself, that you have let yourself down?

Orin (Personal Power through Awareness)

Electricity From Thin Air: Using Nanotechnology to Capture the Energy Around Us

By Kevin Boehm, , Yale Scientific Magazine May 11, 2013

Here, Wang holds fibers containing nanogenerators. Woven into clothing, these fibers could power devices using energy from our daily movements. Image courtesy of Gary Meek.

Energy exists all around us — in the motion of a heartbeat, the fluorescent light in an office building, and even the flow of blood cells through the body. These individual units of energy are relatively small, but they are numerous. Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has developed a way to harness this ambient energy. After months of work, Wang and his team have developed the very first hybrid cell, which is capable of harnessing both motion and sunlight. By tapping into multiple sources of readily available energy, the tiny cells have the potential to revolutionize the way we power our devices.

All of our electronic devices, from medical sensors to calculators, require a constant supply of energy. Currently, the most common methods are a plug and power supply or batteries, both of which are large and thus limit miniaturization. Since Wang’s cell is small enough to work on the nanoscale, it can readily be incorporated into biomedical sensors, cellphones, and other small electronics. The cell’s hybrid design is an advantage as well: Solar energy alone produces high voltages but is unsuitable for devices used in the dark, while energy from ambient motion is more consistent but is available on a smaller scale. By combining these sources, Wang’s device can provide a highly reliable supply of electricity.

Read more:

Life-Energy: Ether

By Maggie

Space, The Final Frontier
(Image via Google)

Energy is what animates us and gives us life. Everything (including every thought, word, and deed) is made up of energy and carries an energy field with it. In nature, there are five primary subtle energetic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Ether is equated with Space, inner as well as outer. In this last post in my series of five, I will discuss the elemental energies of Ether, both its Chakra and its Vibrational Levels within the body, as the Negative Pole of the Fundamental Field, the magnetic pattern of Life-Energy.

It has been said that the Ether Chakra is a container, which “holds the space” for the other elements to express themselves. Emotions and other stresses often get clogged here, and we need to free up the space, one way or another, to get the energies flowing again. We’ve all experienced getting a “lump in our throat”, having a “pain in the neck”, or “needing our space”. That’s no coincidence. Even art looks more balanced when you create a little empty “negative space”. It’s just better when we don’t try to fill everything up. And I mean everything. But most of us are often very uncomfortable with empty space and quietude, but we have a habit of not liking things that are good for us. That doesn’t make it right. :)

Ether energies arise from the 5th Throat Chakra as it spins, carrying a negative electrostatic charge. This Ether/Throat Chakra is located in the region of the throat, with reflex areas at top of the head, midline, hair, face, ears, body cavities (i.e. lungs, bladder, mouth), thyroid, neck, skin, joints, thumbs and big toes; it also associated with addiction, environmental and other sensitivities, psychological and auto-immune disorders. With auto-immune problems, you basically have a situation of “self attacking self”, when your own system doesn’t recognize itself. This attack by your immune system on your own cells, tissues and organs causes inflammation and damage which leads to auto-immune diseases, which may be a primary or contributing factor in cases of: arthritis, alopecia, asthma, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, hepatitis/cirrhosis, inner ear disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and ulcerative colitis, to name a few.

Issues that also pertain to the Ether/Throat Chakra are in the spectrum of: Space, spacial relationships, coordination (i.e., quick reflexes vs. clumsiness), boundaries, travel, time, organization of items and information (i.e., such as with classwork, office files or computer work; also, being a “neat-nick” vs. “clutter-bug”); and ambiance (being aware of and appreciating subtle nuances). Also, how you perceive and deal with yourself and others in terms of identity, acceptance, acknowledgment, self-expression, and communication (speaking and hearing in the truest sense; also, being shy or excessive talking). If we are having challenges with issues such as these, they are usually old ones, being triggered by new ones. We are unconscious of many of the traumas we carry around with us. Those past thoughts and emotions often get disassociated and “thrown off” for our physical body to hold, and deal with. With Ether it could be that extreme grief gets held in your joints, causing joint pain. When you deal with the grief, the pain in the joints goes away, at least that’s what happened for me. Because Ether has to do with boundaries, or lack thereof, Ether depletion makes one more open to “letting everything in” (such as viruses, or environmental contaminants) and “inviting it in for tea” :) , creating a hospitable environment for it to thrive. Our psychological proclivity to taking in things which are not ours, at sacrifice to our own self, is also what’s at play here. If there’s any kind of problem, we tend to blame ourselves first (with depression, anger turned inward, and thoughts of suicide). (more…)

What are Psychic Attacks?

By Will Harader

Okay first, the basic definition of a psychic attack, sending negative energy at another person. This is supposed to be the realm of witches, voodoo, and black magicians yet it’s really quite common in most people’s everyday lives. In fact, every time you judge another person, every time you get angry at another person, every time you hate another, it’s a psychic attack against that person. Aren’t these things all sending negative thoughts at another person? Psychic attacks are supposed to be something done secretly, but how much worse is it when you actually tell another person things like they’re worthless or you hate them? In abusive and controlling relationships, there’s an energy exchange just as destructive, if not more destructive, than what’s usually considered a psychic attack.

In so many jobs the manager tries to dominate the employees and the employees resent the manager for it. It’s psychic warfare in every sense of the word, and both parties succeed in dragging each other down. People are often concerned with some negative entities or demons going after them, yet they barely acknowledge the wars raging within their “normal” lives that are far more damaging, and real. A preacher may give his fears away to his followers, and yet the people blame Satan for making them afraid. The most effective psychic attack is to spread your fears to another person, and yet when a parent does this to a child, as nearly every parent does, it’s not considered a psychic attack at all.

There’s a war raging in the collective unconsciousness just as bad as the physical wars. In fact, the physical wars are just a manifestation of this psychic warfare. How could there be any wars between countries if there wasn’t fear and hatred running rampant behind the scenes? The psychic warfare may not kill people physically, but it certainly kills them spiritually. It kills their love of Life and without that people might as well be physically dead, they aren’t really Living.

Yet there are no victims here. Everything you do to another, you do to yourself as well. You can’t hate another without having that same hate present within yourself. So the victimizers are really the victims as well, which means neither really exists, except the Being within. The hurt people cause each other is only within you if you accept it. When you see there are no victims, you stop being a victim, and you see that nothing outside of yourself can harm you. When you’re Present within yourself, you’re Conscious of what’s moving around your energy field and then why would you make another’s negativity your own?


Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn
Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael  April 6, 2013
Ask your angles to help you release any toxic energy that you may have absorbed, or are holding in your energy field. Ask Archangel Raphael to work with you, supporting your healing and your healing work.Many of you are empathic and oftentimes the challenges and problems that you are feeling are because you are carrying the energy of others inyourauric field. You are not sure where you leave off and they begin. This can be troublesome on an earth that is changing so much as it is. It is therefore important for you to regularly clear yourself and your field. This will not only help you feel better, less emotional or even less anger, it will help you know what is yours to be working on and getting the chance to work on your things.Setting boundaries with others can be challenging, especially if they are used to you being the wizard that gets things going right in their world and this is typical of those who are sensitive to the energy around them.  It is your gift to empower others to find their own path and frees up so much more for you. It is not always easy at first as they are used to you fixing their worlds.  Give them the tools for each of them to use themselves.It is important to find balance in your thoughts as this world helps you create in ways you cannot imagine until you begin to utilize its power. It is important to be in your passion and keep your focus, however if your thoughts are not in alignment with your hopes, dreams and actions, they will not manifest in the way you know they can. Keep your vision and share it with others. Celebrate each step and moments worthy of celebration as this too is creative energy. Having a little more fun is the gift of the journey. Balancing the emotions with the thought world and you will be creating even faster, finer and better than you can imagine.

You are ready! You have the resources and the tools and you know how to use them. It is important now to put them into action on a daily basis, not just in those times of great challenge. You are on the right path and heading in the right direction, of that you can be sure. Doing the work reaps the rewards and recognition that you seek, and you have the ability to manifest whatever you need when you need it. Honour your commitments and be your honourable, kind and dedicated self in all of your projects and choose the ones that feed your heart, your head and your soul. Leave the rest for those who have that passion.

When you are clear of others energies and can work on your own stuff, you might find it a bit different that doing it for others. Tackle your projects with organization, logic, structure and self-discipline and you will get the hang of it for yourself.  This is an exciting new endeavour and it is an important part of your spiritual growth.  When you have a chance to work on your own stuff, you begin making quantum leaps forward and see the results in your own life transforming into so much more.

As you do this every day, you will find that you are stronger and more able to take on your world. You are expanding into your authentic self and things begin to change in ways you have always dreamed. As you take your own power and step forward with spiritual confidence of knowing you are on the right path, you attract new contracts and partnerships that are based in new light. Expect things to get better and they will.Remember to see love in all that you do. See the bigger picture of all that is. When you feel clear and balanced with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, life is indeed more magical. You live your life in a state of grace, contentment, peace and abundance. You know that you can always create a happy life or path for yourself and that you will have success in all of your projects.Meditation holds the key. Taking time to connect with spirit, with nature and all that Is provides you with the answers that you so often seek and there is a fountain of knowledge available within you when you regularly connect with you wise center. Trust that the answers you seek are available to you always and know that when you ask and are open to receive, it cannot help but come to you when you completely believe.Utilize the power of your visions with the power of your thoughts and words, feel the completeness of your visions and when they all work together, you are the magic co-creator in your world.Visualization:

Imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a vortex of energy beginning to form into a whirlwind of energy above you and as it picks up speed, it begins to expand to encompass your entire auric field and encompasses all of you.  See it begin to slowly sweep around you and spin through you as it sweeps away any toxic energy, or energy of others from your field. If your energy field is way out beyond your physical body, bring it closer to you and suck it in until it is a few inches away from you and begin again.

Ask Archangel Metatron to join in and use his metatronic cube and send it swirling through your chakras clearing you from crown to root. Feel the spinning cube as it cleanses each chakra from within and releases and replaces any area that needs healing and let it do its work.

Once again, create the spinning vortex of energy above you, and let it form a vortex all around you and sweep through your energy field from crown to root and swirl into the earth beneath you cleansing you through to feet and the chakra’s beneath your feet and feeding that energy to the mother earth to utilize. And let the energy of spiritual fire clear you.

Ask archangel Raphael to transmit his emerald green ray of light to clear and heal any discordant energy you are carrying for yourself and as this happens pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you receive on how best to heal and see and understand the root cause of this situation or what has caused you feel less than and solutions to complete and heal any tasks at hand.

And then when you are done, ask Archangel Michael to encircle your energy field in a screen of light that allows for you to receive beneficial energy and the flow of your energy of love out to others.

Try this daily for 2 weeks and see the results in your ability to keep your energy higher and more focused when you are consciously clearing out the energy of others and better able to deal with your own.Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.

The Seven Streams of Energy



By Judy Lynch

Like the colors of the rainbow, there are seven streams of vibrational energy. These seven rays of energy each have a different tone, color, vibration and frequency. The colors represent the beauty of pure light that when separated becomes its own vibration and distinct color. The colors represent the awareness rays of our souls. Our personalities also have seven basic energies that correspond with the color.

We come into awareness on one of these seven energy vibrations. Your soul literally comes alive on this vibrational energy of consciousness. One ray is always dominant but you can share traits with all seven. The “soul themes” we are all working so hard on while we are here are rooted in these vibrational rays and represent the miracle of our growth as light being souls. When you look at the societies we have built on Earth, it’s obvious that each group has different strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to work together to strengthen all the good qualities in each and to leave behind the judgment, fear and inaction. To evolve and ascend, we learn to respect the good in each and learn these insights together.

Think of the amazing power and beauty of crystals. They resonate at different vibrations and healing energy levels depending on their size (vibrational level), color and location. Just like us! We can use them to communicate and heal because they channel pure vibrational energy right through to us.

The first ray of vibration is Red. People who are born under this ray are the energy receivers. They are courageous, fearless, non emotional, athletic and strong. They are also arrogant, prideful, critical, and think they know everything. They have much strength in rescuing and helping others physically but also many challenges to learn from emotionally and spiritually.

The second ray of vibration; Blue, belongs to the energy transmuters. They feel everything and are psychically sensitive to all energies, positive and negative. These are the compassionate, faithful people who have to watch out for energy drains. They have to learn to dissipate lower energies into the higher vibration. These are the souls who when developed are able to channel huge amounts of healing energy to others. They make great healing channels and psychic mediums with true hearts.

The third ray is Yellow. This ray holds soul lessons for those who are intelligent, cautious and sincere. They have to learn to tolerate others and how to cope in social situations to make changes in the world. They are challenged to come out of their shells, not to be shy to express their contributions. They can learn to develop their confidence and share their inner calm to help encourage others to think before they act.

The fourth ray is Indigo. Indigo represents the souls who are loud, warm, affectionate and cheerful. They have a great intuition; are empathetic, sympathetic and love color! They have great challenges with confidence, indecision and self control. When they develop their metaphysical abilities, they mature into great counselors and spiritual advisers.

The fifth ray of vibration is the color of Orange. This is for the scientists and engineers. They have a tendency to be very independent, unemotional and detail oriented. They can be extremely judgmental and unforgiving and do not like thoughts of mysticism. When they are further developed spiritually and develop more of a conscience, they can actually help to save mankind with their knowledge and dedication to finding answers.

Those on the sixth ray of vibration; Green, are the devoted true believers with unshakable faith. They can be loving and sweet but if challenged their emotions can take over, they become jealous and co-dependent. They can be extremely single minded in their faith, even leaving behind all reason to follow their religion or belief, becoming fanatical when out of control. They have to learn to be more open-minded and accepting of others while becoming more independent and less dependent on others for support.

The seventh ray is Violet. These are the energy regulators. They are the socially graceful, talented, attractive and very organized in their thoughts and in their lives. With a tendency to be snobbish and judgmental of others, they have to learn humility and practice unity with others. When these people are spiritually developed, they can manifest anything they desire.

Well! Is it any wonder that we all have such a hard time getting along in these human minds! Those on one vibration are always getting their feelings hurt, those on another can seem to have no compassion at all. And what about those snobs on the seventh ray! How can we all learn to respect each other for our differences and inspire each other to heal all the challenges? Having a better understanding of our strengths and purposes and the reasons why we act the way we do is a great start. Knowing that we are all struggling in a myriad of ways helps magnificently. We really have to unlearn the judgment and remember how we accepted everyone when we were children. It brings about the sometimes forgotten knowledge we came here with. We are all part of that shining radiant light and we are all loved the same, no matter what colors we shine!

ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary Teal Scott Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

Ask Teal Website –
In today’s Ask Teal Episode, Teal (with the help of fellow energy worker Kierstie Leavitt) shows the viewers how to perform a basic energy healing session. She explains to the viewers that we are part of a quantum field of energy.

Energy can be likened to a blue print of physical reality, so if you change that blue print, the physical reality must follow suit. So performing energy work is like changing the blue print of the physical body. Teal then covers the basics of energy healing.

(Forgive the noise and quality issues towards the end of the film, energy work is famous for screwing up electrical equipment and today was no exception).

Color is Energy Made Visible

Different colors stimulate or inhibit the functioning of different parts of our body. Treatment with the appropriate color can restore balance and normal functioning. Each of the seven major chakras (energy stations in our body) is associated with—and influenced by—a specific color. Every color has a different wavelength and individual properties, both positive and negative.


Transforming Energy

Remember, it’s all about being able to transform the lower into the higher.What does that mean exactly? If you understand which energy resides in which chakras this will make more sense. For example, the energy of money resides in the first or root chakra. If you can begin to understand that money is energy instead of real power, you can begin to use that knowledge to transform your entire existence. You can “ascend.”

The real power is in the ability to understand energy and how to make it work for you as a “flow.” As long as you hold on to the belief system(root chakra) that money is power, you keep yourself completely stuck and unable to transform. When you let go of that illusion that was taught to you,you can begin to clear a pathway for the energy of money to flow to you.When you do that, you’ve effectively taken the lower (money and your concept of money) and transformed it into the higher(pure energy). And if you take any other energy, you can do the same exact thing.

If you know, for example which chakra the power of creation resides in and how to operate it, you can transform your life. And as I said, ditto for all other energy contained in all of the other chakras.

These are not difficult concepts or tasks. What is lacking is basic knowledge of how energy works. And sometimes what is lacking is the willingness to learn or do. And there is something else very important that has been misunderstood and distorted as well. That is the Law of Attraction.

- Dyan Garris

People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do

People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do

By Michael Forrester

A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way.

Members of Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse’s biological research team have confirmed for the first time that a plant, the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, not only engages in photosynthesis, but also has an alternative source of energy: it can draw it from other plants. The research findings were released this week in the online journal Nature Communicationspublished by the renowned journal Nature.

Flowers need water and light to grow and people are no different. Our physical bodies are like sponges, soaking up the environment. “This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions,” said psychologist and energy healer Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee.

Plants engage in the photosynthesis of carbon dioxide, water, and light. In a series of experiments, Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse and his team cultivated the microscopically small green alga species Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and observed that when faced with a shortage of energy, these single-cell plants can draw energy from neighbouring vegetable cellulose instead. The alga secretes enzymes (so-called cellulose enzymes) that ‘digest’ the cellulose, breaking it down into smaller sugar components. These are then transported into the cells and transformed into a source of energy: the alga can continue to grow. ‘This is the first time that such a behaviour has been confirmed in a vegetable organism’, says Professor Kruse. ‘That algae can digest cellulose contradicts every previous textbook. To a certain extent, what we are seeing is plants eating plants’. Currently, the scientists are studying whether this mechanism can also be found in other types of alga. Preliminary findings indicate that this is the case.

“When energy studies become more advanced in the coming years, we will eventually see this translated to human beings as well,” stated Bader-Lee. “The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger.”

Bader-Lee suggests that the field of bioenergy is now ever evolving and that studies on the plant and animal world will soon translate and demonstrate what energy metaphysicians have known all along — that humans can heal each other simply through energy transfer just as plants do. “Human can absorb and heal through other humans, animals, and any part of nature. That’s why being around nature is often uplifting and energizing for so many people,” she concluded.

Here are five energy tools to use to clear your space and prevent energy drains while releasing people’s energy:

Stay centered and grounded. If you are centered within your spiritual self (instead of your analyzer or ego) you will sense right away when something has moved into your space. If you are fully grounded, you can easily release other people’s energy and emotions down your grounding cord with your intention.

Be in a state of non-resistance. What we resists sticks. If you feel uncomfortable around a certain person or in a group, don’t go into resistance as a way to protect yourself as this will only keep foreign energy stuck in your space. Move into a state of non-resistance by imagining that your body is clear and translucent like clear glass or water. This way, if someone throws some invalidation at you, it will pass right through you.

Own your personal aura space. We each have an energetic aura surrounding our body. If we don’t own this personal space we are vulnerable to foreign energy entering it. Become aware of your aura boundaries (about an arms length away from your body all the way around, above and below) as a way to own your personal space.

Give yourself an energy cleanse. The color gold has a high vibration which is useful for clearing away foreign energy. Imagine a gold shower nozzle at the top of your aura (a few feet above your head) and turn it on, allowing clear gold energy to flow through your aura and body space and release down your grounding. You will immediately feel cleansed and refreshed.

Call back your energy. When we have our energy in our own space there is less room for other’s energy to enter. But as we focus on other people and projects we sometimes spread our energy around. Create an image of a clear gold sun several feet above your head and let it be a magnet, attracting all of your energy back into it (and purifying it in the gold energy). Then bring it down through the top of your aura and into your body space, releasing your energy back into your personal space.

Knowledge Nexus – Examining Your Own Energy Body

Brad Johnson explains how you are able to examine your energy body to assist in the improvement of health, personal enlightenment and energetic maintenance.

ARCHANGEL RAGUEL: Breaking Old Vows and Opening To Abundance.

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Channeler: BellaCapozziThe other day, a client and I had a surprise visit from Archangel Raguel.  I don’t recall having had a lot of personal interaction with Raguel-at least in this lifetime-nor had my client, who I will call “Katherine.”  She and I were working on some issues which were blocking her ability to receive clear direction and to manifest abundance (common issues which I’m sure we all can relate to).  Raguel presented himself to me as a tall male Angel, with short chestnut curls and a bright smile.  He seemed very personable and talkative, with a lively sense of humor.  After the session concluded, he identified himself to me as Katherine’s primary guide.  We learned through Raguel that Katherine had many past lives on Earth as a healer and a priestess, but also a couple of lives lived within the confines of the Catholic Church.  Her past life as a nun was the one which was sabotaging her manifestational ablities right now.  He stuck around for awhile after the session, and presented me with a short message to share.


Archangel Raguel:

Releasing the past need not be an arduous process, and the time to break free of old constraints is now.  Negative programming and attachments, accumulated over many lifetimes, can have a detrimental effect on your ability to prosper an grow.  Vows taken must be broken.  Vows of silence may  well be what is preventing you from eloquently speaking your truth.  Vows of poverty are often the greatest inhibitors of your ability to manifest abundance and financial security for yourself and those you care for.  Vows of celibacy are particularly difficult to identify and break free from, and have the capability to quite insidiously sabotage your personal relationships.  These would merely be a few examples, but should prove sufficient for you to see where I am heading with this.  Your curiosity over “what happened when and why” may send you spinning off on a journey of self-rediscovery.  It is natural to wish to know more about yourself, and about your history.  But in no way is the knowing of specific details necessary in order to cleanse yourself of their negative aftereffects.  A common misconception is that you must travel “back in time” and actually relive past traumas, and that you must experience over again the root cause of that which ails you.  Not so.  If you feel led to explore other lifetimes, than by all means, I encourage you, I say yes.  Explore to your hearts content.  These discoveries can be most exciting,  your adventures fascinating.  Yet let it be known that you do not need to relive old pain in the process.

Simply state your intention for clearing. Call to your beloved Angelic guides for protection and assistance.  Identify the areas of your life that appear to be stagnant and blocked.  Place your focus there, and emphatically state that you choose to sever old bonds, that all outstanding indebtedness be marked “paid in full”, that you hereby disconnect and detach from any and all dark, parasitic programming and attachments.  Envision yourself handing all of it over to your dear protectors, to be taken back to Source and reconfigured into Light.  Feel yourself finally free of all that kept you stuck in recurring patterns of self-destructive behavior.  By removing what is in the way, you create an open space for happiness and prosperity to take up residence.  The barriers which prevented you from accessing your abilities will be gone and you shall experience great clarity of vision.  The road is wide open at this time for you to fully  make take hold of your making manifest your dreams and tapping into unrealized potential.  You shall also be given many new and challenging opportunities to serve.  You shall know peace.

I also wish to point out that each person must do this on an individual level.  Loving and compassionate beings that you are, you are possessed of an inborn desire to caretake.  It is most desirable and commendable to seek to spare another pain and to wish to take the heavier burdens off their shoulders and place them onto your own.  It is understandable you pray that they be spared from discomfort and fear-inducing situations.  But know that within the body of even the tiniest child resides the soul of a seasoned crusader.  While it may not be evident on the outside, your loved-ones are in constant communication, with and at the highest levels of consciousness.  Often while sleeping they are being schooled and prepared for what is coming next.  They shall not be caught unawares, you may be sure.  Do utter prayers on their behalf.  Send them energies of healing and unconditional love.  With your words, endeavor to enlighten them.  However, know that the path they chose is theirs and theirs alone to follow.

Take full advantage of this time of transformation, for the lull in activity shall not be lasting much longer.  This is the ideal time for study and expansion, for growth and rejuvenation.  I am Raguel, and I bid you peace.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


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