7 Signs You’re An Empath

By Isabella Snow

Just to update this article a bit: When I wrote this information about Empaths, it was pretty much the only internet site that had anything written on the topic at all. It’s now become a commonly discussed subject, and I’m glad for that. Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me first say that the term Empath is not simply another name for a Clairsentient, though many Clairsentients are indeed Empaths. I’ll get into this more later. That said, if you feel that you’re a clairsentient and are looking for similar information, most of these signs will apply to you as well, but be aware those born into clairsentience (as opposed to those born as Empaths, who later harness it and become clairsentient) can often discern what others are feeling, but do not actually suffer – which is a good way of telling which you are. Once you’ve figured out that this is what you are, you can then learn how to deal with, and eventually prevent, this kind of thing from overwhelming you.

1. When in public, do you constantly feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions for which you can’t determine the reason?
Example. You drop by the mall one Saturday morning. You feel great. You get into the mall, walk past a crowd of people — and start feeling a bit strangely. It can be anything; you can feel very down, very angry, very sad, very excitable. (The key word here is very.) And you won’t have any explanation for it, you’ll just feel it. In other words, you’ve suddenly gone Bi-Polar without actually having the biological deficiency that causes it. And what’s worse, you can’t turn it off. You can carry on, trying to ignore it, but eventually it will be so overwhelming to the point you just want to go home and be alone. This is the reality of an Empath – one who hasn’t yet learned how to block other people’s emotions out. Being around other people is such a harrowing experience that most of them prefer to keep their own company, living the life of a hermit. And they usually find it very much worth it.

2. Do you experience other people’s physical ailments?
This is most common with those you have an emotional connection with, but can occur with anyone. A very good example of this would be suddenly feeling very lethargic and fatigued for no reason, and having to remain in bed for a day or two. You’re not sick – not really. You’re not ill. Yet, you feel that you are. Profoundly. You later find out that your “illness” coincided with a lover or family member’s sudden fatigue (resulting from legitimate illness) even though they were in another country at the time and you had no idea until after the fact. Symptoms can also manifest in the form of chest pains, cramps, migraines, etc. You basically experience it all, without contracting the actual illness.

3. Do you feel overwhelmed when watching something horrible in real life or even on television?
This one sounds silly, but viewing the news or depressing commercials designed to induce sympathy and open wallets can debilitate an Empath for several hours. While most people get upset over homeless dogs and cats, an Empath will often feel like their hearts have been lanced. That’s a literal definition, by the way. It’s not something as shallow as sympathy or even ordinary empathy. It’s a feeling of guilt and moral empathy that cannot be easily assuaged. Crying is very common, and not just during that time of month when all the emotions are out of whack!

4. Do you ALWAYS know what someone really means?
In other words, can you always, always, always tell what it is someone meant to say to you? More importantly, can you tell why they didn’t? If an Empath is face to face with someone and has just been lied to — they will know. And they will know why. They will know if the other person is trying to spare feelings; they will know if malice was involved. In other words, they will know the intent. You cannot lie in the face of an Empath and not be caught out. While they will not often be able to suss the specifics of what you’re hiding, they will know if you mean them well or not. No exceptions. This is more than good intuition and this isn’t a hunch; this is knowing.

5. Do you feel compelled to care for anyone in pain, no matter who they are and what they’ve done to you?
A true Empath cannot walk past someone suffering and not feel a need to stop and help that person. Homeless people can be particularly difficult, as they are everywhere and little can be done to help them unless the Empath has an occupation related to this. A true Empath feels compelled to go to anyone they feel pain from, be it angst or something physical. And a true Empath’s compassion will usually be accepted on the spot: People in pain, regardless of how they might normally react to strangers, will receive an Empath with open arms. They know instinctively that their pain matters to them.

6. Do people open up to you – even if you don’t want them to?
Some Empaths are the new-agey peace-loving types who want to hold hands with everyone, but many just want to be alone because they have difficulty processing everything they absorb from other people. (This is usually because they have yet to realize their abilities and haven’t learned to deal with it yet.) For an Empath, however, putting on a grumpy face doesn’t keep people they barely know from drawing near and seeking compassion and empathy from them. The ill, the suffering, the weak; they are all drawn to the unconditional understanding and compassion an Empath emits. And Empaths emit it whether they want to or not.That’s not to say Empaths can’t be mean and nasty people — they surely can be. But those particular Empaths tend to be those with profound sensitivity who’ve broken down inside and have no other way of keeping other’s emotions at bay. Again, these are Empaths who don’t know of their abilities.

7. Can you heal?
Most Empaths have the ability to heal. Yes, that means physically. This isn’t about Reiki or any other alternative modality, though they may seem similar in concept. An Empath heals instinctively, usually by drawing the pain or ailment out and accepting it into their own bodies. For obvious reasons, this is not recommended for anyone who doesn’t know how to keep from becoming ill in the process. In today’s day and age, everyone seems to want to be psychic to some degree. That’s probably due our evolution of consciousness as human beings. Therefore, many people reading this will likely think themselves Empathic. I cannot stress the following enough: There is nothing fun about being an Empath. It’s often a very draining and miserable existence in which you feel like you have to be entirely alone in order to survive. It is not glamorous, it is not exciting and it is painful more often than not.

You’re not crazy!
Being an Empath doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, but this is not something most would aspire to so don’t get upset if none of this rings true for you. Everyone’s got “otherworldly talents” and you needn’t be an Empath to excel in the realm of conscious endeavors. If you *are* an Empath, you will know this is you, you will not be saying “Hmm.. maybe… hmm…” If you feel (without hesitation!) these apply to you as I’ve just described, then also know there are ways of coping, and I’ll get into them in future articles. With a little self-awareness you can turn your curse into gift, especially when it comes to being able to ease the emotional and physical pain of others. For now, take consolation in the knowledge that you are not crazy!


Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift!

 photo 226722_371014289664730_2076677297_n.jpg

Dear beautiful soul. Embrace your sensitivities for they are a gift! In a world where most seem apathetic and shut off from their emotional centers, it can be a challenge to accept your sensitive self when those around you are telling you to get with the program, toughen up and numb yourself down. Having sensitivity, empathy and compassion is a gift dear friend, they are there to serve you and your growth… please welcome your gift with open arms and feel the radiant love within your heart flooding through your entire being as you do so. If you need to cry, it is ok, if you need to laugh it is ok, if you need to feel things it is ok. You can be a highly sensitive being and still master your emotions, and mind when you embrace them as being a part of who you are, integrating them rather than suppressing them. As you feel all your emotions, they can be transmuted into LOVE.

In these great times of change on earth you are going to feel things as they come up to the surface with even greater strength than ever before. You have the ability to work consciously with anything that arises in a way that serves you and the whole. Please understand that your sensitivity are beautiful and they will help to intuitively guide you to know the truth in all situations, people and anything that is surrounding you or within you. Please open yourself up to trusting these inner feelings as true inner guidance. To work with your natural abilities, please spend some time alone out in nature, connecting inwards with all that you feel and avoid harsh chemicals, which can hinder this natural process coming into full fruition. You will find that all will come to you quite naturally when you give yourself the chance. It is safe for you to feel very deep emotions and be sensitive, knowing that you are surrounded and nurtured by very powerful and loving beings as well as your Higher Self. If for any reason you encounter someone who does not understand your own or their own sensitivities, please send love to that person; the love you send outwards will dissolve all fear that is at the heart of any problem. You are honored and you and are being assisted right now in this beautiful awakening and transitioning process.

~ Angelic guidance through Abigail Wainwright

Modern Wheat and the Empath

From: http://theknowing1.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/modern-wheat-and-the-empath/

I don’t k now about you but I have found these past several months to have been such a challenge, both mentally and physically, through the energies bombarding us. I never tend to fare well in the dark, winter months anyway so lately it’s a double whammy. It has been my intention to write a post for months now but, unfortunately, I have not had the energy or focus for it.

One of the main problems I’ve had, as I’m sure many of you will too, is having extreme brain fog and debilitating fatigue. It’s been, well, nothing short of ridiculous really and has made just stringing a sentence together an ordeal, never mind writing a post. Many of the symptoms we’ve been dealing with could tally in with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (many Empaths and Sensitives get diagnosed with this illness) and have not been at all pleasant. Here is a sampling of them:

  • Extreme lethargy and/or fatigue
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms without actually having cold or flu
  • Sensitivity to noise/bright lights
  • Nausea
  • Muscle/joint pain, especially the back area
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog and bad memory
  • Stomach pain, digestive disturbances
  • Depression/sadness/emotional pain
  • Insomnia, even though exhausted

The energies we have experienced lately have been seriously intense and debilitating. The usual tools and techniques that may have worked in the past, for uplifting energy levels and focus just don’t seem to work the same lately…or at least that’s been the case for me. So I’ve had no choice but to lay low and take the energetic poundings as they come.

It is frustrating though to feel as bad as this and not be able to do much to help ourselves. After enduring months and years of these symptoms, that just seem to escalate, many of us may be at the stage where we are tempted to pop a pill in hope of getting rid of the ailments. But, as any Sensitive who’s tried will tell you, medication will not get rid of our maladies, especially if they are energetically related (it is always a good idea to get checked out at the doctors though, the above symptoms can also tie in with many physical illnesses). Medication may mask some of the symptoms but that’s it.

It makes sense that if an Empath is extra sensitive to external energies we will be sensitive to anything we ingest and for this reason we should try to be extra vigilante with what we consume. It has long since been my belief that Nature will always offer an antidote to the many illnesses/ailments that all humans endure. The problem that we face today is that our water contains dangerous chemicals and many of our ‘so-called’ healthy-foods have been altered genetically and are no longer a product of Nature, but that of science/man. One of the foods, labelled as a health-food, that I have recently discovered to be incredibly toxic, is wheat!

I was lucky enough to come across the website of Dr William Davies: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/about-the-author/  He has written extensively about his research into the damaging and detrimental affects of modern wheat on both body and mind, and how it is predominantly responsible for the obesity epidemic which has swept the globe in the past few decades.

Little did I know that wheat was genetically modified back in the seventies, basically for profit, to give a greater yield to the wheat crop, and is no longer a natural food. After reading Dr Davies’s research I decided to abstain from wheat for just a month and see if it made any difference to my well-being…  it did. One of the first things I noticed was my appetite reducing and my craving for wheat-based products disappearing, which resulted in weight-loss. I also found myself feeling much happier. Others, to whom I suggested dropping wheat, reported the same and more: better digestion, more energy, acne clearing up, etc. For years I had a nagging feeling that wheat did not agree with me but the thought of giving it up filled me with dread. I did not think I could live without bread and pastries, but this was just my wheat-addiction talking.

The scary thing is wheat is a staple in the western diet.  A supposedly healthy diet could consist of: toast/wheat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for evening meal, but in that way of eating we are destroying our health. Wheat is addictive, stimulates appetite and is a depressant, to name but a few of its shortcomings.

Highly sensitive people and Empaths have enough to contend with, without having to deal with the drug-like effects of wheat. I urge you to visit Dr Davis’s site/blog http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/  and read all the information offered, especially the testimonials given by those who have given up wheat. Try it yourself, if only for a few weeks. But to really reap the benefits of wheat-elimination you have to give it up completely, which means no breadcrumbs/batters, sausages, sauces thickened with wheat, soy sauces, beer/larger, etc. Always read the label, you will be amazed where it is hidden.

I am in the process of experimenting with adding raw coconut oil and higher levels of omega 3, essential fatty-acids, into my diet to see if there is any improvement with my energy levels. I will keep you posted if it works.

HSP, Empath, and the “Clairs”

By Lynn Zambrano

You are connected to the collective unconscious. You tap into the source from time to time, some people more often than others. How do you step into the flow? To start with, you must believe that your natural abilities have never left you. They have just gone dormant, waiting for you to step back into the flow again. Stepping into the flow and connecting to source can be achieved in different ways, include meditation, yoga, listening to music, connecting to nature. You are special, unique and individual and so will be the expression of your gifts. Start with the abilities you already recognize within yourself and grow from there.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a person having the trait of high sensory processing sensitivity (or innate sensitiveness) as Carl Jung originally coined it. According to Elaine N. Aron and colleagues as well as other researchers, highly sensitive people, who comprise about a fifth of the population (equal numbers in men and women), may process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous system (Wikipedia).

An Empath, goes a bit further (Wikipedia), by “observing another person’s emotional state, activates parts of the neuronal network involved in processing that same state in oneself, whether it is disgust, touch, or pain”. Empaths have the ability to scan another’s energy for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences.


You can feel or sense a person’s emotional layers and physical ailments through your Heart Chakra. Tuning in and learning to listen to your body’s response to things can be challenging. There is no visual experience attached, this is about actually FEELING something. Clairsentients feel or sense how another person is emotionally and at times, physically. Untrained empaths tend to take on other’s feelings as their own; learning how to control this ability is a necessity for your health and well-being.  Thus inner work and healing must be done first, so that you are strong and have the awareness to help others without the attaching to their emotions.

Before you can use your gifts to help others you must master:

  1. Shielding and protection from other’s energy.
  2. How to cleanse your energy field.
  3. How to recognize what belongs to you and what belongs to someone else.


You are hearing a voice from your higher self or from Spirit. This “clair” is about listening after you ask a question.  You have the answer. You just have to learn to listen to the voice that can guide you. Hearing in this way is quieter than hearing someone in the physical – it can be very quiet like a thought or it can be loud, as if someone is standing in front of you.  If clairaudience is one of your natural intuitive gifts, your higher self and spirit guides will use mostly clairaudient means to communicate with you.


“Clear Knowing” This is when you just know something, without any evidence.  This is most frequent among men. It is a sense of just knowing what it going on, you have an inherent sense that you’re right but you can’t explain it. This “clair” can be hard to distinguish, for there is no emotion attached as there is with clairsentience.  The information, the ‘knowing’, is often brushed off as logic. A developed claircognizant can predict future events beyond the scope of time.


“Clear seeing” This “clair” is the ability to see past, present, future events, and angels, spirits, deceased persons, visions, past lives etc. by using our third eye. Images presented in your mind’s eye can be difficult to describe since it seems to vary between people.  It may be described as seeing a movie, or a series of pictures strung together, others get flashes of images and symbols.  The picture and the meaning are unique to the person having the vision. This is why it’s challenging to try to interpret a vision or even a dream for someone else.  It’s easy to dismiss clear seeing as just our imagination, daydream or seeing something in the corner-of-our-eye. If your third eye is opening up after being dormant, it will need a little time to get up and running again.

Strengthen clairvoyance by:

  1. Regular meditation
  2. Connecting with your spirit guides
  3. Keep a journal of your ‘daydreams’ and any visual ‘thoughts’ and see if they have a hidden message or are events that come to pass.

Work with the abilities you already recognize and be aware of others that seem to be dormant. There are many books on the subject and some awesome teachers that are easily accessible. The unseen world is all around. You are connected and can tap into it at will, through practice and developing your gifts.

Source: http://networkedblogs.com/Kjhns

Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn
Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael  April 6, 2013
Ask your angles to help you release any toxic energy that you may have absorbed, or are holding in your energy field. Ask Archangel Raphael to work with you, supporting your healing and your healing work.Many of you are empathic and oftentimes the challenges and problems that you are feeling are because you are carrying the energy of others inyourauric field. You are not sure where you leave off and they begin. This can be troublesome on an earth that is changing so much as it is. It is therefore important for you to regularly clear yourself and your field. This will not only help you feel better, less emotional or even less anger, it will help you know what is yours to be working on and getting the chance to work on your things.Setting boundaries with others can be challenging, especially if they are used to you being the wizard that gets things going right in their world and this is typical of those who are sensitive to the energy around them.  It is your gift to empower others to find their own path and frees up so much more for you. It is not always easy at first as they are used to you fixing their worlds.  Give them the tools for each of them to use themselves.It is important to find balance in your thoughts as this world helps you create in ways you cannot imagine until you begin to utilize its power. It is important to be in your passion and keep your focus, however if your thoughts are not in alignment with your hopes, dreams and actions, they will not manifest in the way you know they can. Keep your vision and share it with others. Celebrate each step and moments worthy of celebration as this too is creative energy. Having a little more fun is the gift of the journey. Balancing the emotions with the thought world and you will be creating even faster, finer and better than you can imagine.

You are ready! You have the resources and the tools and you know how to use them. It is important now to put them into action on a daily basis, not just in those times of great challenge. You are on the right path and heading in the right direction, of that you can be sure. Doing the work reaps the rewards and recognition that you seek, and you have the ability to manifest whatever you need when you need it. Honour your commitments and be your honourable, kind and dedicated self in all of your projects and choose the ones that feed your heart, your head and your soul. Leave the rest for those who have that passion.

When you are clear of others energies and can work on your own stuff, you might find it a bit different that doing it for others. Tackle your projects with organization, logic, structure and self-discipline and you will get the hang of it for yourself.  This is an exciting new endeavour and it is an important part of your spiritual growth.  When you have a chance to work on your own stuff, you begin making quantum leaps forward and see the results in your own life transforming into so much more.

As you do this every day, you will find that you are stronger and more able to take on your world. You are expanding into your authentic self and things begin to change in ways you have always dreamed. As you take your own power and step forward with spiritual confidence of knowing you are on the right path, you attract new contracts and partnerships that are based in new light. Expect things to get better and they will.Remember to see love in all that you do. See the bigger picture of all that is. When you feel clear and balanced with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, life is indeed more magical. You live your life in a state of grace, contentment, peace and abundance. You know that you can always create a happy life or path for yourself and that you will have success in all of your projects.Meditation holds the key. Taking time to connect with spirit, with nature and all that Is provides you with the answers that you so often seek and there is a fountain of knowledge available within you when you regularly connect with you wise center. Trust that the answers you seek are available to you always and know that when you ask and are open to receive, it cannot help but come to you when you completely believe.Utilize the power of your visions with the power of your thoughts and words, feel the completeness of your visions and when they all work together, you are the magic co-creator in your world.Visualization:

Imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a vortex of energy beginning to form into a whirlwind of energy above you and as it picks up speed, it begins to expand to encompass your entire auric field and encompasses all of you.  See it begin to slowly sweep around you and spin through you as it sweeps away any toxic energy, or energy of others from your field. If your energy field is way out beyond your physical body, bring it closer to you and suck it in until it is a few inches away from you and begin again.

Ask Archangel Metatron to join in and use his metatronic cube and send it swirling through your chakras clearing you from crown to root. Feel the spinning cube as it cleanses each chakra from within and releases and replaces any area that needs healing and let it do its work.

Once again, create the spinning vortex of energy above you, and let it form a vortex all around you and sweep through your energy field from crown to root and swirl into the earth beneath you cleansing you through to feet and the chakra’s beneath your feet and feeding that energy to the mother earth to utilize. And let the energy of spiritual fire clear you.

Ask archangel Raphael to transmit his emerald green ray of light to clear and heal any discordant energy you are carrying for yourself and as this happens pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you receive on how best to heal and see and understand the root cause of this situation or what has caused you feel less than and solutions to complete and heal any tasks at hand.

And then when you are done, ask Archangel Michael to encircle your energy field in a screen of light that allows for you to receive beneficial energy and the flow of your energy of love out to others.

Try this daily for 2 weeks and see the results in your ability to keep your energy higher and more focused when you are consciously clearing out the energy of others and better able to deal with your own.Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Types of Empaths

By Lyn-Rose-Hornabrook and Grace and Grace Associates Consulting Inc.

There are different types of empaths who employ different psychic empathic traits. These are the 10 levels of the empath:

Psychometry – the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places
Telepathy – the empathic ability to read people’s thoughts

Mediumship – the empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits

Physical Healing – the empathic ability to feel other people’s physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)

Emotional Healing – the empathic ability to feel another person’s emotions

Animal Communication – the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals

Nature – the empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants

Geomancy – the empathic ability to read the energy of places and of the land – geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.

Precognition – the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom)

Claircognizance or Knowing – the empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis

Symptoms of being an Empath:

•Acute senses – i.e. sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing etc.

•Acute awareness of the feelings of those around them and feeling deeply for those in pain or suffering

•Often easily hurt

•Avoidance of conflict where possible preferring to keep things harmonious

•Easily startled by noise

•Easily moved to tears because of deep feeling

•Nervous in crowded situations

•People feel safe around them and able to talk to them easily. Even complete strangers will talk to them about personal things without consciously intending to do so

•Animals and children love and are attracted to them

•Easily affected by the weather

•Their greatest gift is to perceive with the heart

•They are usually a blessing to be around as they are nurturing and caring

•Music and harmony are very important to them. They can lose themselves completely while listening to music that resonates with them.

•Water is very beneficial and therapeutic to the empath

Having psychic empathic traits can be extremely challenging, and even painful. The definition of empathic understanding is to be able to feel what another person feels (sometimes both emotionally and physically). Even under normal circumstances, having psychic empathic traits can be confusing and difficult to manage or understand, but in times of global chaos, emotional tidal waves that rip through the collective consciousness can be utterly overwhelming. This is why an empath feels anxiety at these times.

Some people consider being an empath to be a paranormal trait, but it is more normal than we realize. Many, many people have psychic empathic traits, but they are usually labeled as being “overly sensitive”. Empaths have a heightened sensitivity, and parapsychologists often refer to them as being “Psi Sensitives”.

Some of the characteristics of an empath include being “moody”, or having mood swings for no apparent reason. This is because empaths pick up on the energies and emotions from other people, places, animals, and even things around them. An empath can be feeling fine one moment, then suddenly become depressed or sad or angry, or even develop physical pain and headaches “out of the blue”. Many empaths can feel like they are going crazy, especially empathic children who cannot understand what they are feeling or why they are feeling that way. An empath must learn to trace these feelings back to their origin in order to determine what triggered them. First ask yourself, “Is this mine?” – if the answer is no, then determine when and where it started, and who or what was around you at that time.

Some other characteristics of an empath can involve extreme shyness, avoidance of public places, or being overweight (especially in children). These are all ways to try to shield and protect oneself from the psychic abilities of being empathic. An empath can absorb and take on the feelings and symptoms of others just by being near them or even by speaking with them on the phone, which is why an empath feels anxiety when faced with crowds of people.

Time Management, Work and the Highly Sensitive Person

By Peter Messerschmidt

Thoughts for Self-employed HSPs and other Creative Souls on being organized and making the most of their time—without actual “organizing.”

Although these words were primarily written with the highly sensitive person (HSP) in mind, the ideas presented here could almost certainly be applied to any “creative” or “right brain” types who find it challenging to organize their time in such a way as to be more productive with their creativity. If you’re not entirely sure what an HSP is, please refer to my introductory article on this topic.

HSPs often struggle with concentration, organization and scheduling in their home work environments. Part of this can certainly be traced to the fact that most of us are intuitive types whose preferred thought patterns are distinctly “right brained;” that is, we depend a lot on intuition, gut feel, imagination and big picture thinking. Numbers are generally not our friends, and too much “structure” puts us off and can even feel overwhelming. In addition, it is common for HSPs to have a lot of interests, so focusing on any single one—like an important project—can be a challenge.

However, when you are self-employed and work from home, a measure of “structure” becomes essential—your livelihood often depends on it. But not to worry! The only structure I’m advocating revolves around ways to work with how your creative brain is already wired.

Successful time management for HSPs doesn’t generally look much like time management for the rest of the world. For starters, “time” is actually not very important. It’s not about working “harder,” or working “longer;” it’s about working “smarter” and understanding how to make the most of your unique talents.

An Environment to Inspire your Best Work

The process typically starts with assessing our surrounding environment. The importance of creating a suitable work space cannot be overstated; as HSPs we are easily distracted and annoyed by small things around us that most people would never notice. The initial objective is to be able to do important work in an area that minimizes the likelihood of distractions and interruptions. There are different ways to do this—they depend somewhat on the nature of your work.

One HSP created a “project alcove” away from her main home office. This rather minimalistic space had no telephone, and nothing more than the project she was currently working on was “allowed” in this space. It was set up in a corner of her house (in a guest room), away from house traffic flows. This allowed her to focus on the work at hand, without tempting distractions nearby. She still used her office extensively while doing more “general” work.

Another HSP—a writer—kept a separate laptop computer only for his writing. It helped him stay on task, and away from surfing the web or “switching” to other work related things he had going on.

However you approach “creating your workspace,” key elements are to avoid clutter, to be set up in a place that minimizes distractions, preferably in a location where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.

Also consider factors that make you feel at peace—without making you so restful you want to take a nap. This might include such things as paying attention to the color of the space, your chair, lighting, music and more. For HSPs—because we are very tuned into our environments—these are very important parts of developing an ideal workspace.

Identify & Prioritize your Ideal Time

Next, to improve your productivity, consider your personal cycles. Be aware of when your mind is sharpest… as well as times when it feels like your brain has “the slows,” or you even feel like dozing off. You might discover that your best time for staying really focused and productive is early mornings. Or it might be after 11:00 at night, after you feel like “the day’s buzz is finally over.”

You might need to experiment a little, to find your “peak sharpness” time. Why? Just because you feel like you’re “restful” doesn’t necessarily mean your creativity is at its maximum. You are looking for the time when you feel the most wide awake.

Once you’ve established your best time—or it could be several times—for focus and concentration, you must take the step of making that time a top priority in your schedule. That is, this now becomes your “sacred work time.” So, if you know that your best work happens between 9:30 in the morning and noon, make that your time.

Make an effort to schedule the rest of your life around that time—coffee with friends, running errands, doctors’ appointments or lunch with your sister should all be scheduled at different times, so your peak productivity time is always available for you to focus on your creative endeavors. This may mean having to set certain personal boundaries with other people in your life.

Why is this so important?

When a highly sensitive person is “in the zone” and working on something they feel passionate about, they can actually produce an extraordinary amount of high quality work in a relatively short time. Two hours of concentrated and focused work time can result in far more getting done than ten hours of spotty “now and then” work.

As an example, the aforementioned HSP writer is often able to complete the writing assignments of a full-time job in less than three hours of “quality work time” per day. Using this strategy of “focused time,” he even wrote a full-length novel in just 23 days!

Pancake Creativity

Another way to be more productive—in a “big picture” sense—is to make the most of how your creative brain works. HSPs not only tend to work in creative fields, their approach to work can be very creative, in and of itself. Lateral and divergent thinking are both common among the highly sensitive. What is also true is that our “best ideas” don’t always come to us during work time.

For example, as a writer, many of my best ideas for articles come to me while I am cooking breakfast– not when I sit down in front of the computer. I always keep a pad and pen handy, so I can actually “chase” these ideas, in writing, while they remain fresh. I call this “Pancake Creativity.”

My scribbled notes serve as enough of a reference point to come back to later, to develop the ideas fully during my normal work hours. It also removes the pressure of sitting down in front of a blank screen, worrying about what to write next. Since I started taking notes “on the fly” about ten years ago, I have not had a single case of so-called “writer’s block.”

Since most HSPs are ill suited to the “grind” of working endless 10-hour days, focusing on ways to “work smart” is far more important than simply trying to “grind it out.” Thus, time management for HSPs revolves around first creating the ideal work space, focusing on your best time for creative output… and then maximizing your use of those hours. Odds are your overall work capacity will increase considerably.

Some people find it challenging to follow such a routine because we have preconceived notions of the way work is supposed to “look.” Keep in mind that HSP brains are wired a little “differently” from the rest of the world, and the most important issue at hand is to make the most of your creative inspirations—not to impress others with your “ability to conform.”


Are You an Emotional Empath?

By Judith Orloff, MD

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it. Through thick and thin, they’re there for you, world-class nurturers.


15 Tips For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

By Lynn Zambrano

Empathic ability allows you to read and understand people’s energy. This ability may be genetic, passing from generation to generation. You may share this ability with a relative, so look at your family tree; does anyone else seem to fit the description? Empaths have the ability to scan another’s energy for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences. Most empaths are unaware of how this really works, and have accepted that they are sensitive to other people’s energy. The ability to correctly perceive and to some extent mirror the energy of another is a challenge. This gift allows us to steer ourselves through life with added perception. You need to be selective and have coping skills in place, if not you will easily be overwhelmed.

These are some excellent methods for coping:

1. Schedule time with you:

Spending time alone creates the space needed to release emotion, energy and stress.

2. Positive Affirmations:

Short messages that train thought patterns. An example: “Let me receive what is in my best and highest good at this time”

3. Shielding:

Placing a protective shield of white light that is around and encasing you in a bubble, remember to make a grounding cord so you don’t float away!

4. Chakra Cleansing and Balancing:

Regular cleaning of the chakras will keep your energy field free of negative or unwanted energy. Re-balance them by bringing in energy that will create alignment and balance.

5. Centering:   

Align yourself with spirit and get out of Ego.  Try to live in the moment and whatever emotion comes up express and release it.

6. Stones:

Some people find that crystals and gemstones aid in clearing negative energy and maintaining balance. Choose yours by trying several different stones,and by paying attention to how each feels.

7. Aroma therapy:

Essential oils can enhance well being. Choose what elevates or calms your mood.

8. Forgiveness:

Forgiving others and forgiving self is one of the most powerful tools you have. It will clear your energy and raise your vibrational rate.

9. Grounding:

We have a grounding cord in the root chakra that connects us to the earth. Being aware of this and using this cord to both send negative energy into the earth where it is absorbed and drawing nourishing energy up from the center of the earth will increase your energetic flow.

10. Meditation: 

Quiets the mind so you can center, be present and listen to the voice within.

11. Soothing Sounds:

Relax yourself using music or nature sounds.

12. Animals and Nature:

Being in Nature or spending time with our pets is a great way to relax, clear energy and connect.

13. Smudging: 

The Native Americans’ have been doing this with great results for years. Burning sage while stating an intention is a great method for clearing energy.

14. Yoga: 

Yoga is effective because it combines breathing, centering and grounding. A wonderful way to raise vibrational energy.

15. Gratitude and intention journal:

Ending the day by writing a list of things you are grateful for and then stating an intention to work towards keeps the energetic flow steady.


Message from Ann & the Angels

February 23, 2013

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Last week we spoke about how you can assist others more if you resist the energetic tugs and pulls to join them in their difficult spaces. For although “misery loves company,” you can help others far more if you invite them into your loving space than if you join them in their more difficult spaces.

This is not always easy, for many of you are empathic. You are deeply sensitive and caring souls who have the ability to feel other people’s feelings. You sense the sadness of a friend, the upset of a stranger, the fear of a person trying to explain their ideas to you. You sometimes feel as if you are drowning in a sea of emotions that is not your own. Take heart, dear ones, you can care for the world, assist the world, and still remain in, but not of this world. You can feel the pain of others, then just as quickly step out of it and into the deeper truth of God’s love.

Practically speaking, suppose someone you care about is going through an extremely difficult time. You love and care about them. You would do anything to help but perhaps you have asked and you cannot. Perhaps they are not ready to receive. Perhaps they do not want your wisdom. Whatever the case may be, there are always times when you must bear witness to pain in another that you cannot solve for them. Trust that they are going to learn what they need in this situation and it is not up to you to make them get out of their pain faster, just so you can feel comfortable. For in truth, dear ones, if you were to take away the pain of another before they are ready to release it, you would be robbing them of lessons they would most likely experience in yet another difficult circumstance.

So when you feel another in pain, first acknowledge what you feel. For some souls you can verbalize this, “I sense you are in great pain and I am here for you if you need assistance.” For other souls who will not let you close, you can telepathically send the message, “I feel your pain and I love you. I am praying for you. God loves you and God is there for you.” Then ask God and the angels to help you release the feeling for it does neither of you any good for you to join in the pain and suffering of another. Instead ask to see this soul through God’s eyes, with love, grace, and compassion for the very difficult challenges and lessons they are currently going through. Stay in love dear ones, not in pain, for in a space of love you can be the light of the world. You can be the beacons of hope. You can be the ones to reach a hand out and uplift those who are hurting.

This truly, dear ones, is what it means to “be in the world but not of it.” You can bear witness to pain and suffering while still knowing how deeply and dearly God loves you all. And if you are willing, you can be the hands, the eyes, the mouth, the hearts of God here upon the earth for one another. There is no greater healing balm than a love that says, “Yes, I see you. I love you. I want you to feel this love too.”

God bless you dear ones, and your deeply caring hearts. We love you so, so very much. – The Angels ———————————————— Message from Ann

Hi Everyone! I am, without question, a deeply empathic soul. When I am not consciously “tuned out” I can look at someone in a crowd and feel them. I can think of someone miles away and experience their emotional energy field. It is both my gift and my challenge. I have had to work very hard to learn to feel and acknowledge my clients’ pain while at the same time staying in a space of God’s love. Usually I can do this.

This week however, when a woman I love and respect wrote to tell me her husband had died suddenly in his sleep, I couldn’t help but fall into the depths of the grief she was feeling. I knew I had to get out of it so I could help her so I let myself do the human thing, grabbed my towels and had a good sob, but then started praying. “God let me be your love for this beautiful soul. Let me help her through this. Let me be strong for her.” And soon I was filled with a love and compassion so deep that I was able to check in on her husband and relay a message. It was so hard not to feel the sorrow for a fellow human being going through such an intenesly painful situation, and yet I knew I must get myself back into that space of love if I was to be of service.

Likewise, I have several people I know who are going through tough times right now. I love them deeply but rather than feeling sad for them, I spend time every night allowing myself to be filled with God’s love and then directing that light to them. I picture them happy, healthy, prosperous and whole because I know if I hold that vision for them, I can be of greater service, than if I focus on their pain. I am compassionate, caring, and understanding when we talk, but I do my best to stay in a space of love.

When I first started to really understand this principle, I almost felt as if I had lost my compassion and my ability to care. I had always associated “care” with “keeping misery company.” The angels once said to me, “Ann you will see that you are able to care more deeply, when you seem not to care as much.” It took years to really get that. What they meant is that I needed to care about loving those going through tough times, not pitying them in their pain. I am now able to sit with people going through the unthinkable and to love them through it. I am able to look through God’s eyes and see another’s strengths and capabilities even when they can’t. And I am not in a space of suffering with them. I am, instead, with them, offering love and deep compassion. I am offering a way out of the pain, not keeping them company in it.

So if someone you love is suffering, try not to stay in the pain with them. Instead be there for them as a force of love, very much as a little child needs a loving mother or father to run to when they are in pain. You can be that figure that says simply to them, “Its going to be OK. You are going to get through this. I believe in you. I love you.”

Love, after all, is the mightiest force in the universe, and certainly the greatest healer.

I love you all! Big hugs, Ann


From Hypersensitivity To High Sensitivity. Becoming The Angel That You Are.

By Gerrit Gielen

Many people are hypersensitive. They cannot stand the noise, aggression and hasty pace of modern society. Often they suffer from psychosomatic disorders and insomnia. What other folks take for granted, for example going to a family party, is quite a chore for them. Simply doing what other people consider normal often turns out a disaster for them.

As a child they are often misunderstood and underappreciated. Because it’s hard for them to stand up for themselves and because they easily dream away, school time is tough. Building a career and becoming successful according to society’s standards often doesn’t work for them. They more or less muddle along at the fringes of society. Participating in mainstream activities is experienced as exhausting and draining. Because of all this, their self image isn’t very positive; they often feel insecure and inferior. Their thoughts are gloomy and may repeat themselves endlessly.

Of course, this image is somewhat of a caricature. Yet many people will (partly) recognize themselves in it. Let us now focus on some of the positive traits of hypersensitive people. They appreciate peace and quiet and long to live in harmony with their fellow humans. They are sensitive to beauty, especially the beauty of nature. They are very empathic and open to the spiritual. They have a rich imagination. To their own surprise, people who are in trouble are naturally drawn to them and come to them for guidance.

What is the matter with these people? The answer is that they are not (just) hypersensitive, they are highly sensitive. In fact, they are angels in disguise.

What is high sensitivity?

Every living being emits a certain vibration or aura: flowers, the sun, people, animals, plants, and also human society at large. You are highly sensitive when your vibration, your aura is more refined and delicate than the vibration of human society.

Imagine a radiant, beautiful angel descending from heaven to be born in a human body in a modern metropolis. The angel has a hard time coping with the noise, the chaos and the ugliness of the world around. Where is the serenity and beauty of nature, where are the flowers? Where is the deep inner knowing, the sense of unity with the cosmos? The angel feels shattered and alienated. The world around does not nurture or acknowledge him (or her*). The angel starts to think that there’s something wrong with him and he becomes sad and depressed. As he does not feel at home here, he withdraws and vaguely longs for another reality. The people around him consider him to be a dreamer who does not want to face the facts of life. The angel’s light diminishes. Whereas he was a high sensitive at first, he has now become a hypersensitive.

You may wonder why this angel incarnated on Earth.

Many angels are incarnate on Earth and every angel has their own motive to be here. There is however one general motive: to help Earth. Through the presence of all of these angels, human society as a whole gains in light and sensitivity. The angelic presence raises the vibration of the world. This happens especially when the angels remember who they are and when their self-confidence is restored. That’s when their light will truly shine.

Now imagine that you are such an angel.

What can you do to become radiant again, to transform your hypersensitivity into high sensitivity?

Step 1 – Realize that you are an angel

Realize that you are an angel and don’t be afraid to show it. Believe in your own light, your creative abilities and overcome your fear to show yourself. This is the first step.

How do you do this? It’s important to connect to the spiritual. See the world from a spiritual perspective, remember the timeless realm of love and beauty that you originate from and to which you belong. You have always been in touch with this subtle, ethereal reality. Now take another leap and really believe it to be there. The moment you connect with it, you also get in touch with your own inner core and start to realize who you really are. You remember that your consciousness is eternal and that it is a magnificent source of light and creativity.

The moment you feel a part of this other realm, which is your true home, the judgment that human society places on you becomes much less of a burden to you. You realize that your stay here is only temporary and that this hectic, chaotic society will disappear one day and make place for a more peaceful, harmonious and happy society. What this current society thinks of you and expects from you is not so important anymore. More important is what you are here to do, how you are going to manifest your light in this world.

By sensing your true origin, you kindle your own light. Light is creative and transformative. You will notice that your environment will start to respond to you differently. Life will flow more easily and people will take you more seriously. You have taken a fundamental first step in the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity.

Step 2 – Become aware of your male energy

You are able to truly give your light to others only if you are also able to not give it. If you cannot say ‘no’ to people, your ‘yes’ has no meaning. Learning to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself is crucial. If you don’t do this, your energy flows into a bottomless pit and you will permanently feel weak and drained.

To prevent this from happening, you need to get in touch with your male energy. Many people who are inclined towards the spiritual, have a negative image of the male energy. It is associated with violence, oppression and aggression and considered to be not spiritual. As a result of this negative attitude towards the male energy, many spiritually inclined and hypersensitive people feel disempowered and unable to stand up for themselves.

The solution is to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the male energy per se; it is the imbalance between the male and the female which causes the problem. By regarding the male energy to be inferior, many people weaken their own strength. This happens particularly in sensitive women. Especially when you go through a process of spiritual growth, it is of prime importance to connect with your male energy.

As soon as you take step 1 and become more aware of who you really are, you will distinguish yourself energetically from your environment. Your light will be noticed. This will attract to you what I call energy leeches. These are people or other entities, for instance the organization you work in, who will feed themselves with your energy. They deprive you of energy without giving something back to you. If you’re not able to protect yourself in such an environment, you get stuck.

At this point, you need to use your male strength. Embrace the male part of you, your inner man, and trust him. Let him take the shape of a sword in your hand which severs the bonds between you and everything that deprives you of energy.

A common pitfall in using the sword of your male energy proficiently is the notion of equality. “We are all equal and therefore I should not distinguish myself from others, and share what I have with them.” The idea of equality is right to some extent. At the level of the soul we are equal. At the level of manifestation however we are not. Some people are more able to let their inner light shine through than others. By not acknowledging this, we give energy leeches free range. Especially people who radiate much light and who have much to give, should protect themselves. Be aware of who or what you give your energy to. Not everyone is ready to receive what you have to offer. Do not let your most precious gift be dragged down by people or organizations who do not match your vibration. Use your male energy for this purpose.

Step 3 – Realize that mother Earth is your friend

Many hypersensitive people feel resistance towards living on Earth. This resistance is partly due to the fact that they do not feel at home in modern western society. The energy of society does not match their own and they feel alienated by it. They want to leave; they subconsciously remember their spiritual heritage and long to be ‘home’ again. They want to go back to the peace and harmony of the heavenly realms, which contrast so sharply with the noise, fear, aggression and anonymity of present day human society.

Apart from this reason for feeling resistance towards living on Earth, sensitive people also have intuitions about what happened in their past lives on Earth. Often they carry memories within of war, persecution and other forms of aggression. They remember trying to be and do good on Earth and being violently rejected for it.

To overcome your resistance to being here, it’s important to distinguish between the energy of human society and the energy of Earth itself. To do so, find a beautiful spot in nature. Go there on a weekday when it’s quiet. Feel the energy there, the serenity and peace. Open your heart to this place in nature and feel all the energies present there. Apart from you there are nature spirits such as fairies and leprechauns, who work closely together with Earth. Now feel Earth itself. This is the Earth you came for, the Earth who reaches out to you and who wishes to support you. Open your heart to her energy and love.

By entering into this connection with Earth, you are able to truly take your place and shine your light in this world. You are able to change the world and make it more beautiful. There’s a place for you on Earth where you feel at home. This place will become a beacon of light that transforms the world around you.

Hypersensitive people hide for the world. Highly sensitive people radiate their light freely into it.

Step 4 – Use your female energy to become even more sensitive

Your female energy can make the difference between fearing someone and loving someone. It enables you to look behind the mask that someone’s putting on and see their vulnerability. In our hearts we are all good. God is in everyone’s heart. You can use the female energy within to become even more sensitive, to use your empathy to really understand what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes. Understanding the other from within can help you put into  perspective their hurtful remarks or offensive behavior. It may help you let go of it.

This becomes possible when the male energy inside is strong enough to protect your female side. When we are hurt by what another person says to us, we are often not hurt by the words themselves, but by our own oversensitive interpretation of those words. Often people are not out to get us, it’s more that they blurt out something which isn’t aimed at you personally. Your male energy can help you to not take things personally. Your female energy helps you feel what is really going on in the other person. By using the female gift of sensitivity, we now see a lot of lights in this dark world around us. Becoming even more sensitive, we take a step towards the heart of our fellow humans, which is often warmer and brighter than we thought. By noticing the light in the heart of the other, this light will burn stronger.

Becoming even more sensitive works in two directions: not only do you get a deeper sense of who the other person is, they also get to know you better. They feel something sensitive, warm and beautiful in you that they had not noticed before; by acknowledging the other person, they acknowledge you. This is how you start to feel at home on Earth.

To be an angel is to be balanced

Every human being gives and receives. To stay spiritually and physically healthy, we need to be in equilibrium with our environment. The flow of giving and the flow of receiving need to be balanced. The moment we radiate more of our light, make the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity and become the angel that we are, the flow of giving increases. We exude a creative and beautiful light and share it with our environment, often without knowing it. The energy we put out into the world wants to come back to us in the form of (physical) abundance.

This causes problems in many sensitives. Hypersensitive people often do not believe that life can be beautiful, rich and abundant for hem. They feel it would not be right, that they are not worth it and so they block the flow of receiving that wants to come to them. Religious traditions which teach you that it’s better to give than to receive, or that it is sinful to enjoy yourself, support this line of thought. Fear and doubt keep out the natural abundance that wants to come your way.

Be attentive of this. Check for yourself if you are really open to what the universe would like to give to you, to all the love that is there for you. As long as you do not say ‘yes’ to what the universe wants to send your way, you have not truly said ‘yes’ to yourself. Say a loud and loving yes to yourself, to all of you. Accepting the flow of receiving in your life will then become natural for you.

© Gerrit Gielen


Meeting Another Empath! =)

I am so happy! I recently discovered that I am an empath (link to what it is here http://in5d.com/coping-with-sensitivity-and-empathic-gifts.html) and today I had the enormous pleasure of meeting another empath! It was so amazing and I am so happy!! I just love that there are so many more empaths out there! Yaay! And we can help each other and share stories and tips how to live with it (because it can be extremely challenging to live with). It was also after learning that I am an empath, that I realized my purpose here on Earth. Suddenly everything just made sense : )

But it was so nice to be able to share with someone the difficulties and challenges of being an empath. I could tell her about my difficult childhood, how I always knew that I was different and that I would never find a home in this world, or planet Earth, as I thought then. The more I learned about the world, the less I liked it. It was so cold, selfish, egoistic, shallow and had so much negativity. Somewhere inside me, I knew a world where there were only love, light, harmony, peace and beauty. I did not know where that came from, I just knew that Earth was not for me. But I thought I was crazy, and most of my life I had to “fight” those thoughts in order to” fit in” on Earth. I never understood why we were not encouraged to ask questions, but had to just accept that “this is how it is”. I quickly learned that asking too many questions was not good.

I am adopted and grew up at a small place in Norway, and I was the only foreigner, being from Asia. I remember as a child I would stare up at the sky, asking ‘aliens’ to come get me. I wanted to go ‘home’. As I got older, I thought there was something wrong with me, because “everyone” knew that aliens did not exist. Although I secretly hoped they did, and I hoped that they were my family.

I could always tell if people were truthful or not. I could tell if they were sincere, if they had a pure heart and mind. I learned early to control my thoughts and my mind, because I thought that this was normal and that anyone would be able to know what I was thinking. I could, so I was sure everyone else could as well.

My adoptive mother was quite difficult and had a lot of issues. She made my life ‘hell’ as did all the racist people in the area. I had my first major depression when I was 14, and almost committed suicide. But I knew that I could not, because then “she” (my adoptive mother) would “win”. So many times I wanted to get away from here (Earth), but I knew that suicide was not going to be an option. Although I have been close to three times.

Being so sensitive was really tiring, and I had no idea why! I had no idea why I felt so much, when everyone else seemed completely unaffected. And so many times complete strangers would just pour their heart and soul to me after speaking to me for perhaps five minutes. Although I am sure that they did not intend to, and because I truly, really want to help people, of course it had to happen. But I am more in control now and I can listen without letting their negative energies and emotions get to me (I take it though, but release it and make it go away) and I can tell whether or not a person is worth my time.

Learning that we have to put ourselves first, was a big lesson for me. I always felt guilty if I did not put others first. But if I am not happy, how can I give happiness to others? But I still felt so tired and exhausted and ended up isolating myself. But isolation was very helpful and I was able to do a lot of healing, and I understood that when giving to others, we give from the Source and not ourselves. That way, we will stay strong and can give infinite love, light and healing to others.

But it was not until learning I was an empath that I suddenly understood my life and could see everything in perspective. At first I tried everything to shut it off, because I did not want to feel so much and I was tired of people always wanting something from me, although I did not know what. Now I know that they did not necessarily want anything, but I, without knowing, picked up their bad, negative energy, thus making me feel that they “took” something from me (my good, positive energy).

I also learned that meditation, working on chakras and being in nature is very helpful! Eating raw, vegan, organic foods also! I became a raw vegan some months before finding out I was an empath, and I feel that it has helped me becoming more aware and it gives a clarity and mental lightness I did not have before.

Last week I saw an interview with Dr. Michael Smith, and he said that empaths are from the Light and that we are ‘spiritual warriors’. So now I am looking for information about how to develop and become more advanced. Apparently, we can make our auras really big and we can “shoot” light at the darkness! I want to advance so that I can help in the battle against darkness. When I read that I suddenly knew that this is my purpose, and hopefully when it is over, I can go “home”. Although I would continue to fight darkness anywhere, if I can. But I need to advance. Now I would not be very helpful at all. Although, I have experienced increased energy in my right hand. Suddenly it becomes really warm, both physically and mentally! I have to shake it, but have no idea what it is. I keep thinking “light light”, but nothing happens :P I hope it is some sort of progress though, but I have no idea really. There is so much to learn! I am very excited, and now I have fully embraced being an empath. I am so happy and loving and send as much positive energy I can to everyone! It has been a very difficult, painful, challenging and extremely lonely path, but all I ever wanted was to help people and the world, so I am very thankful for being an empath now. Just need to work on how to advance and develop this gift and blessing : )

I am so excited about his time! Keep sending love and positive thoughts; you really help light up the world and help to raise its vibration! = D

All my love and many blessings!


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