“Your soul is the reflection of all souls”

“Your soul is the reflection of all souls. You are the other. Without the other, you would not exist. You are defined by your relationships with others. You would need to describe the whole universe in order to define a single person. Therefore every single person is the whole universe. Your soul is both personal and universal at the same time. Everyone is a reflection of you. You are in a hall of mirrors where every reflection of yourself appears different. Others you admire reflect the qualities you most cherish in yourself. Others you detest reflect the qualities you most deny in yourself. Each person you see is a different version of you.”

- Enoch Tan

A beautiful reflection of oneness.

Guru G – The Purpose of Existence

3 March 2013 – Channelled by Lumire:

Namaste and Welcome, I am Guru G,

This transmission will be done in the traditional question and answer format between guru and seeker.

Seeker: What is the purpose of my existence?
Guru G: The purpose of life is to find the truth of who you really are, not what the mind believes, but the eternal unending nature of the Self.

Seeker: How do I discover this?
Guru G: By going within and finding that which is always still in the ever changing turbulence of life.

Seeker: What is this stillness you speak of?
Guru G: The stillness is the real you, connected to the Divine, never changing, always remaining the same. It is the quiet peace in you that has always existed.

Seeker: You speak of the Divine, is this God?
Guru G: The Divine has always been, never not there, found in everything and also in no-thing. You are a Divine spark that expresses him/herself through the Divine.

Seeker: Are you saying that I am the Divine?
Guru G: Yes, you are a expression of Divine conciousness experiencing life as a individual entity.

Seeker: What happens when I die?
Guru G: Death is not the end of life, merely a transition into a new experience, whether here on Earth or some other place. The individual spark never dies, for this is not the wish of the Divine.

Seeker: How do I realise the Self?
Guru G: Know that your true nature is already realised, there is nothing more you can do.

Seeker: But I don’t feel awakened.
Guru G: That is because your mind is blocking you from seeing the truth of who and what you are.

Seeker: How do I unblock this then?
Guru G: Your mind is like the clouds blocking the rays of the sun from shining through. The sun is the real you that exists beyond all time. Simply realise that you are actually the sun and the clouds are just thoughts, emotions and feelings that float by.

Seeker: But it seems too hard, I get caught up in the past and future of what happened before and what I need to do tomorrow.
Guru G: There is only the Now, past is just a collection of memories of what occurred previously in the now, the future is just a projection of thoughts of what might happen. Past and future thoughts only happen in this moment of now, there isn’t any other time but this instant.

Seeker: I think I understand what you are saying, but the clouds still block me from seeing.
Guru G: Nothing can truly stop you from seeing your Self, don’t give thoughts any importance, just let them come and go. Be the Seer that sees the appearing and disappearing, for this is the real you.

Seeker: Who is the Seer?
Guru G: The Seer is the unchanging presence of who you really are, it is the real part of you that sees beyond the mind identity of which you believe is the “I”. The Eternal “I”, some may call it the Atman or Soul is what actually experiences this life that you live.

Seeker: What is the quickest way to awaken?
Guru G: The fastest path is through surrender, this involves a complete letting go of who you think you are and falling into heart of your true being. This ultimate surrender means that you are willing the let your mind die even if it means death in real life.

Seeker: I don’t want to lose my self, this is who I am.
Guru G: The self you think as yourself is not the real you, it is simply your personality created out of thought forms that you identify as “I”. The real self is the truth of who you are, the “I am” that has always been.

Seeker: The idea of surrender doesn’t appeal to me is there any other way?
Guru G: There are many other ways you can realise the true self, like it has been said: There are many paths but only one destination.

Seeker: Could you please just tell me one way?
Guru G: Yes, by inquiring about who you truly are, to do this ask yourself the question: “Who am I ?”. When asking this question the purpose of it is not for your mind to come up with an answer, the question’s job is to direct you inwards and discover the stillness of your true being.

Seeker: When I ask the question my mind keeps on chattering away.
Guru G: The mind is like a monkey on your back, you keep feeding it bananas (thoughts) which help make it stronger. You are not these thoughts, but the awareness that sees them. Simply let the thoughts be, do not give them any energy; a good way to not become attached to them is to just smile at them and not take them seriously.

Seeker: I see what you mean, when I didn’t take my thoughts seriously I became the watcher, I was simply the awareness seeing.
Guru G: This is very good, the next step is to see whether you can aware of the watcher itself. See if you can watch the watcher, since the watcher can sometimes be just the mind doing the looking. You are not the mind but the never unchanging stillness of being. Try out for yourself if this can be done or not.

Seeker: When I tried watching the watcher, I noticed that it could be done. I became this still awareness and noticed a great peace within me.
Guru G: Yes this is excellent, you have found what you have been searching for. You have always been this still awareness, only the mind was blocking you from seeing this great expansive view. Know that you can always be in this state if you choose to, just simply bring your attention inward and feel who you truly are.

Seeker: Thank you Guru G.
Guru G: Om Shanti. Let the light in your heart guide you on your journey.

Notes: Guru G is one of my spirit guides, he shows himself to me as a traditional Indian monk. He wishes to point out that the truth we seek is already within us.

Sacred Earth

“The whole of planet Earth is a sacred site. All people are the chosen people, and the purpose of our lives is a spiritual one.

May we care for each other, and for the earth, for everything relates to everything else.

Feeling this oneness, may we radiate the light of love and kindness that all may live in unity and peace.”

~ Radha Sahar

How to live each day as a master of light

“You must learn to identify the source and deal with your own negative thought forms. Often your negative feelings are picked up from those around you, especially if you are a very empathetic person.  Learn to surround yourself in a sphere of Golden/white Light in which nothing of a lesser vibration can enter and disturb your tranquility.  Everyone on Earth is in the process of clearing ancient memories and thought forms of the past.  Be a passive observer when these feelings roil up within.  Do not claim them, just observe and state to yourself: “This is anger I am experiencing,” or fear, depression, guilt or any other dis-empowering emotion.  Envision a blazing ball of Light descending from your Higher Self, bursting into a million tiny, crystalline diamonds rippling throughout your body, transforming and balancing all discordant energies within.  Do this as often as necessary.

Shut off your mental auto pilot, and become the director of your journey and your experiences.  Tune into your own mental receiving station as you seek thoughts, vibrational patterns and sounds that are uplifting and empowering. Negative, critical thinking is composed of lower, disruptive frequency patterns.  If you don’t like what is happening in your world, lift your thoughts and change your mind so that you are projecting “balanced, uplifting frequency patterns of thought and intention.”

Learn to think with your whole brain–meaning, use both your linear, analytical outward- focused left brain, along with your intuitive, creative, inward-focused right brain.  Tap into your genius potential or the Light Packets of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which are attuned to the higher dimensional or the cosmic storehouse of knowledge.

Do not always express or project your emotions toward others. Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but first analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. Speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. This is the way of a master.”

Transmitted through Ronna http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael.


“…his chart was loaded with Water, and we need look no further than this when we ask ourselves, “why suicide?””

How astrology can help us understand a person’s personality and also challenges in life. In this case, Robin Williams’ chart.

Find the Light, Robin Williams
by pandoraastrology

Who didn’t react strongly, even cry immediately, upon hearing of his death?  And especially how he died?  Not me.  I lost it.  In looking at Robin Williams’ chart, I wanted to discover why this might have happened to someone who brought joy to so many.  I went looking for a complex human being, and I found one.

8-31-14 Robin Williams natal chart

His Moon in Pisces describes an emotional nature so subtle and refined that it almost cannot be in the world, and will inevitably lead to disappointment as the world does not live up to one’s ideals.  When discussing Moon in Pisces, I wax poetic and quote Whitman’s Song of Myself: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes.”  A Pisces Moon person, especially one with a stellium (grouping of planets) in Pisces, will often feel less like an individual and more like a crowd, a veritable sea of possible persons he could be.  He will often feel he is alternately swimming, drowning or lost in a sea of longings, urges, sensations, drives and passions and he isn’t entirely sure which are truly his.  Often, he doesn’t know who he is, really.  Some of these currents of feeling may be his, some may be leaking in from the people he lives and works with, others may be memories that feel real and present right now, and others still may be the tendrils of past-life memories that also feel equally real as they pass through him like an apparition.  With all this going on, how can a Pisces Moon be other than a dreamer?  How to get his feet on the ground?  And he may be prone to gloom and escapism if he doesn’t find his way to a peaceful retreat on a regular basis, where he can empty his heart, before returning to the world where it will inevitably go on sponging up emotions and sensations.

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People protect what they love


Do enough people love the oceans?… I do hope so.

If we don’t have a planet to live on, then how would other issues even matter. If the planet dies, humanity and all life will die. Sure, governments and politicians – and people in general – may have their reasons for why other issues are more important, but if the planet can no longer sustain life, then what. Is this how it will be. Will humans destroy the planet? It’s now or never. We still have a chance to make it right, but I don’t know. I don’t really think people understand that the planet is dying and if there is no planet to live on there will be no humanity. They don’t see the bigger picture. Or think it is really not that serious. Perhaps it is not that serious right now, because we still have a chance to change things around, but do they really want to wait till it’s too late? Then it’s too late anyway. The planet and life I am sure will continue in another form, but what will humans do. Perhaps humanity was just a temporary thing? An experiment and now they are programmed to destroy themselves. No, I don’t think so. I believe in humanity. And I choose to believe we can save this planet and thrive as human beings on an alive and thriving planet.

The Aquarian Age

“There are a different ages or “Aeons”. Ages are given the names of the zodiacal signs, and each age has its own defining principles. We are now in the Aquarian Aeon, and left the Piscean Aeon. After Aquarius, in over 2000 years, we will enter the Aeon of Capricorn. These ages are created by a slow movement of the earth called the precession of the equinoxes. It is believed that we moved into the age of Aquarius in 2008. In the new Aeon it is best to live joyously and creatively for your cause, not to die for it. Other principles that will dominate the Aquarian Aeon are an increase in the frequencies of life, greater respect for non-human species, and an increasing mobility of physical self, information, and resources. The gap between spirit and matter will continue to vanish.”

“The Aquarian Age is an era of increased illumination and opportunity for spiritual growth. Powerful forces are being poured out upon the Earth from higher realms and are being made available to every person to assist them in their progress. They permeate every particle that makes up our Earth. The influences from these forces are available and helpful to all, whether or not we are aware of them.

Aquarius is an air sign. The qualities of the air influences of this Age are clarifying, uplifting and reflective in nature.

This Age is very important as it is not only the beginning of a new Age, but the first Age of a new cycle of the Ages. This predisposes it to being an opportunity for unprecedented growth and change, depending on how we are able to interpret the energies and use them. As every Age builds on the achievements and manifestations of the last, the Aquarian Age will build on the foundations laid down during the Piscean. Just as sacrifice as practised during the Arian Age gave way to the higher ideal of giving, in the Piscean Age, the Aquarian Age will in time make the next step to sharing. Giving involves the giver as being central to the idea of giving. Sharing, however, is a concept that is broader and more open in its nature. It is not the passing of something from one to another, but the more unified and expansive idea of joining together in something, whether it is physical, such as a meal or something abstract, like information or an idea. Sacrifice, giving and sharing are all aspects of Service.

The Aquarian Age will also foster wisdom and uplifting. It is an Age of reason and, through this, of understanding and enlightenment. Clarity of mind will become important in this Age just as purity of heart was important in the Piscean Age.

In the Aquarian Age we will move beyond the rites and forms of the Piscean Age and begin to develop independent understanding of the meaning beyond the surface of all things and events. The time for the parables of the Piscean Age will pass. The Aquarian Age is a time for plain speaking and clear understanding. In the Aquarian Age there will be a broadening of perception so that we can begin to access the unlimited nature of Spirit. The lessons of Soul that Jesus taught in the Piscean Age will evolve and broaden. Personal responsibility will be taken to a far greater degree than previously. Circumstances and events will be seen in terms of their own value and with less comparison involved.

We will have the opportunity to identify the Christ potential in ourselves and begin to express it. We will also become more aware of the brotherhood of all men and the need for connectedness with the rest of the earth and its creatures. This will also include our brothers, the angels and the nature spirits of the Earth.

During the Aquarian Age, the etheric field of the Earth will have a more reflective quality than previously. Thus, our actions and thoughts will, with increasing speed and strength, be reflected back to us. This means that the results of our actions will become apparent to us much more quickly than previously. Because of this, we will more easily be able to see the connection between our thinking and the things it creates. This will give us greater opportunity to assess and take responsibility for our thinking, allowing growth and expansion.

In the Piscean Age, humanity needed a structured church with priests and leaders to follow and rites to observe. It also needed a format setting out right and wrong. In the Aquarian Age, people will not depend on structures so much. Leaders and teachers will not be seen as having authority over others. Rather, they will be seen simply as people who are sharing what they have, in whatever quantity they have it. In general, there will be more people sharing what they have on every level rather than just a few select people providing guidance. By pooling resources in this way, people will be more connected with each other and be able to function more effectively. Each person will be his or her own priest, coming to spirituality through the management of self.

There will be an emphasis on communication in this Age. This will include physical communication as well as the use of telepathy. Information will be more readily available than previously. There will also be the opportunity for people to communicate with each other more clearly and meaningfully than in the past. This will allow greater accord between people. Communication is an aspect of connectedness. The throat chakra is the chakra primarily associated with this Age and this chakra in every person is at present being stimulated by Aquarian energies and by angels who work in service to humanity. In addition to being associated with communication, this chakra is also connected to humankind’s ability to bring forth ideas and to create or manifest circumstances in our physical world. The power of the voice is associated with these factors.

In the Aquarian Age, humankind’s possibilities and opportunities will be increased, so that it can demonstrate itself to be much more spiritually capable than previously. The idea of openness is an important one in this context. A growing number of people will make great leaps in spiritual development as opposed to the plodding sequential approach that has been the tendency expressed in the past.

~ MindSoulSpirit

Being Vegan and Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Inspired to post this excerpt from a previous post.
Being vegan. Being raw. Raw vegan lifestyle.

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that when we eat mainly plants and other organic fruits and greens, we also absorb some of the energy and wisdom from Mother Earth. This might explain why so many vegans are more calm, peaceful, non-violent, less aggressive and angry, than people consuming meat and other animal products. But this is just my theory. People who do not eat meat often have more ”inner wisdom”, awareness and realization, in addition to higher energy levels, and better health compared to many non-vegans. Vegans also tend to have higher levels of compassion, due to their love and concern for nature and animals and also Mother Nature herself. This lifestyle encourages to a more peaceful and harmonic society and sustainable living.

Paul Nison in Raw Knowledge (2002) says that in order to reach the soul, you can not be weighed down with food. Those eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) spend most of their energy digesting food. Nison says it is important to have a spiritual context when you set out to live the raw food lifestyle. Otherwise, “this new-found energy does not feel grounded to the average person. Once we clean our minds and bodies, we are able to live with the lightness that less eating and a clean body will produce and we will be able ready to get in touch with a much higher place.” This is something that I have discovered and experienced myself, and it is truly an amazing experience and feeling. You may also discover that you need less sleep, but still have more energy!

David Wolfe, who is considered by peers to be one of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition, offers in his book Eating for Beauty (2002), a simple explanation for the value of eating a raw food diet: ”Enlightenment is just that – making yourself lighter.” Wolfe says raw plant foods, laughter, joy, bliss and unconditional love all exist on the same frequency. He says that tuning into this frequency raises the overall vibration of your energy field, causing anything that is vibrating at a lower frequency, such as fear, pain, doubt, cancer, ugliness, depression and toxins to eventually percolate out to be ejected from the body. This is detoxification. According to Wolfe, eating raw plant foods triggers a transformative process that allows you to rebuild yourself at a deep level.

This was just a little introduction to raw foods and a raw, vegan lifestyle. There is so much on this topic and so much information. However, for many it can be extremely challenging to change diet, and many give up along the way. To change habits and beliefs that you have been told your whole life, is something that takes a great deal of strength and determination to do. But it will be worth it. Do not be a prisoner of your food anymore. Do not let food control your life, do not let it make you unhappy any longer; break free and LIVE! Be alive. Be happy and discover how magical and amazing life truly can be!
Remember this statement from Wendell Berry: “People are fed by the FOOD industry, which pays no attention to HEALTH. And are treated by the HEALTH industry, which pays no attention to FOOD.”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

When the diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
When the diet is correct medicine is of no need. – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

~ After writing this I also learned that it is fully possible to not consume anything at all. However, to maintain such a high vibration and pure positive “beingness” can be challenging in this physical environment where the density can be quite heavy. But it’s fully possible, and there are people in the world who live like this. If you manage, it’s really the most amazing experience. To sustain yourself by pure light energy and not have to consume anything physical. All is energy and although most plants and fruits don’t mind being consumed, I still sometimes wish I didn’t have to. But certain foods may also help us stay grounded and centered on Earth. And they usually give their blessing that we may eat them, and the love and energy they give is wonderful.

In any situation, let your heart be your guide ❤

Cellular Memory Release

“Important for lightworkers to come together.
Very important shifts are happening now, including cellular memories, so would be wonderful to share with anyone who is happy to explore and also utilize the vibration that are now helping the Earth plane to shift these vibrational aspects.”

Biljana, healer, pharmacologist and alchemist, share with you some information regarding cellular memory and how we can heal this. Through physical sensation, conscious release and light language vibrational encoding.
I suggest closing your eyes when she does the light language vibrational encoding and just soak it up.


“Cellular memories can be explained the best as programs.
Being part of the polarity realities has created a various of vibrational programs that bring life or life experiences that are not from the highest. Which means that any lightworker who feel very unpleasant with experiencing the opposites from what the truth is, will know that in reality the experience of negativity is not real; it doesn’t exist in the reality of our consciousness. However, all the souls who wanted to experience polarity had an opportunity in the worlds like the three-dimensional world and others around the universe, where they could experience polarity-reality as real. However, it is only the stage work, it is only like a scenario that we have created and carried out in this particular world. However, we haven’t cleared those vibrations and those programs efficiently enough, because we were operating – when I say we that means us as a human consciousness – we have operated in a way which is behind the veil, with a very narrow and very reduced level of consciousness and full understanding. Which means we have not properly worked with the divine energies, which are neutral energies, so after experiencing something that appears as a “negative” experience it needs to be cleared out. Reconciled and unified so that the two polarities do not create a further polarization, but go back into the unity. Because this kind of process has not been done over the long eons of time it is happening now in a really speedy way. So it is like a fast forwarded cleanse around the cellular memories.

What has been happening within the human experience: we used vibrations of pain, suffering, negativity and we haven’t cleared them. We haven’t allowed the full cycle of reconciling.
So within the human consciousness there are pockets, various pockets of memories of these specific events or emotions or suffering templates so to speak and they keep re-producing the experience. We are not meant to suffer on this planet. We are meant to experience polarity and then release it.
We need to bring those energies into the full cycle of completion. That is the way of dealing with what we call cellular memories. We can deal with them on a personal level, but right now, and this is very important information for the lightworkers, we are having a task to deal with these energies on a collective level. So that means it is not only our stuff from our particular lifetimes and the vibrations we experienced, but it is about the collective consciousness. As the polarity is unifying, the Earth plane is starting to come into the vibrations of vortexes, of various energy points or vortex are opening around the plane.

Even lightworkers who are very new to the Earth plane are tapping into the collective files. So this is the way for the lightworkers to help very accelerated, very specific way of clearing of the cellular memories of the human race.”

Healing Waters Sanctuary – Glastonbury, England

“My intention is to bring home truth, love, beauty and tenderness to the planet.”

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion


Signs and messages…

Signs and messages from spirit are everywhere. Pay attention. Listen. Feel. What do you sense, what do you see? What do you hear? Everything around us, it is colourful, radiant and beautiful. Everything vibrates, everything is frequency that is somehow translated into whatever we perceive it as. Your world is full of signs and messages. What is spirit’s message for you? Are you in joy? Are you doing what makes you happy? Do you have a colourful, magnificent life? Remember you can change your path, your mind and yourself as much as you want. It is only your belief(s) that limit you.
Embrace spirit. Embrace yourself. Let your Self flow through you and take this life experience to the next level. You will still be human, but the experience may change. You may see more colour, other shades of colour, the world may become more transparent and less dense. There is more joy. More peace. More fulfillment. More understanding on a deep level. A stronger soul connection and deep connection with all that is. More freedom. Spirit is always communicating to us. We are always connected. But the most important: just to enjoy life. All is pure positive energy. Enjoy it. Enjoy who you are. Because you are everything ♥♥♥

Study Finds Turmeric Is As Effective As Prozac For Treating Depression

From Collective Evolution

Researchers with the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India performed a study comparing the effects of turmeric (curcumin) and Prozac (fluoxetine). The randomized and controlled clinical study determined turmeric was as effective as Prozac in treating major depressive disorder. Turmeric treatment was also absent of dangerous side effects often found in Prozac use.

The objectives of the trial was to compare the efficacy and safety of curcumin with fluoxetine (Prozac) in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD). The study observed 60 patients diagnosed with MDD. Patients were  randomized in a 1:1:1 ratio for six weeks in an observer-masked treatment using fluoxetine (20 mg) and curcumin (1000 mg) both individually or in combination. To determine the efficacy of each treatment, the main variable used was response rates according to the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, 17-item version (HAM-D17 ). They also employed a second efficacy variable which examined the mean change in HAM-D17 rating after the six week observation period.

Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family. The average person may best recognize turmeric as a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine. The active compound curcumin is known to have a wide range of medicinal benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumour, antibacterial, and antiviral activities. In India, turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for stomach and liver ailments. Turmeric can also be used topically to heal sores due to its antimicrobial properties.

According to the study:

We observed that curcumin was well tolerated by all the patients. The proportion of responders as measured by the HAM-D17 scale was higher in the combination group (77.8%) than in the fluoxetine (64.7%) and the curcumin (62.5%) groups; however, these data were not statistically significant (P = 0.58). Interestingly, the mean change in HAM-D17 score at the end of six weeks was comparable in all three groups (P = 0.77). This study provides first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with MDD without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders.

This marks the first published study using a randomized and controlled clinical trial which indicates the efficacy of turmeric (curcumin) in treating serious depression. Results show that turmeric is just as effective as Prozac and possibly more effective than other depression drugs on the market. It is important to note the study does not account for the negative effects (side effects) that come with Prozac. Prozac is known to cause suicidal ideation and/or other psychotic disorders, however, these are not present when treating with turmeric. The use of turmeric as a treatment for depression is safer and less taxing on the body when compared to treatment with pharmaceutical drugs. These results are not surprising given the comparison of synthetic treatments vs natural.

The anti-depressant market reaches annual profits of about $12 billion. This number is expected to increase to $13.5 billion by 2018. These medications do not help cure depressions but instead mask symptoms and create a life long reliance on them. Utilizing natural treatments coupled with a holistic approach of assessing lifestyle, diet and the root cause of depression is an approach that is much more effective both in cost and curing patients. It is important to keep in mind that the pharmaceutical industry is a business before anything else. We are seeing a growing body of evidence to suggest natural treatments are much safer and effective when treating a variety of diseases, disorders and illnesses. It’s time they get more attention.




High-Time We Ascend to Our Multidimensional Selves

By Shivati Light

We stand at the brink of decision & change – it’s for each of us to decide if we will go forward or stay mired in the past.

We are all multidimensional beings. We live on the human dimension and we live on many other dimensions at the same time. Our human lives are interlaced with emotions and circumstances which are particular to this dimension, but which do not exist on other dimensions. We incarnate into human form to learn what this dimension has to offer us. Once we’ve learned the lessons of human existence, we may if we choose move on to experiences in other realms. Or we may choose to stay and express our multidimensional selves on this earth. All that keeps us attached to living here in our prior human context is a belief that we still have more to learn from a limited reality. Once we let go of that belief and transcend the limits of third dimensional life, there’s no further need to return to it.

Many beings incarnate here to continue the work of very specific projects or potentials from lifetime-to-lifetime, using the tools and materials available each time around. This, by the way, is why people, such as “child prodigies”, may immediately take up specific work of particular historical figures. This may be seen as multiple incarnations of the same spirit, and it’s actually quite common here. Contrary to popular vision, people really have no particular need to come here and serve humanity per se. The real reason one incarnates here is to serve oneself, or more aptly, to serve one’s “higher self” by having particular experiences here. One comes to learn what one needs to know to 1) be a more evolved human being, and 2) function more effectively on all levels of reality. If you believe you’re here primarily to serve humanity, it’s likely because that’s your own chosen way of learning about yourself so that you may ultimately transcend third dimensional vision. In this sense, no one really needs to do anything in particular here, including serve one’s fellow humans, though that’s certainly an admirable way to spend one’s time here. Each is here to learn about oneself by doing the very things which one’s soul wants to work on during each incarnation.

This interwoven multidimensional existence far transcends all aspects of ordinary human consciousness. Human life is but a small part of all existence; a form which expresses but by no means represents all of existence. Humans are free to express themselves in all ways possible while they’re on this planet. There are no limitations to how one can act, think or believe while here, other than those limits which are self-imposed in one way or another. We’re free to have whatever experiences we want here, good, bad, or indifferent. Many of those experiences may be interpreted as horrific or catastrophic in some way, yet they are precisely appropriate for each being in that moment. We each have the experiences our souls mandate for as long as we incarnate here, or we go on to experience other dimensions to work on similar or different issues. When we’re tired of having human-related experiences, we simply choose a new venue. It’s quite possible that many people here at this time are fast approaching a stage where they may declare themselves done with human experience altogether and are indeed ready to incarnate elsewhere. In fact, the entire game that’s been played here may be rapidly changing because most people aren’t willing to play it any longer. The human experience, then, is but one of perhaps an unlimited number of possible experiences in all of existence.

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Creating Soul Level Changes for Lasting Growth

“Danielle Mackinnon: “So many of us feel like there’s some obstacle between us and the changes that we seek, an obstacle that is blocking us from our goals and desires. I’m not talking about an obvious obstacle. I’m talking about something hidden–likely subconscious–that is so subtle that it goes unidentified for years.

“Yet if I’ve discovered anything from my research of the unseen (the afterlife, spirits, auras), it’s that there IS a way to recognize the seemingly hidden. And from my experience, identifying such matters (and bringing them to our conscious mind) is a giant step toward eliminating them at the root level. My guest today refers to this root level as the ‘soul level.’ And that is the topic of discussion in this video conversation with intuitive and soul contract expert Danielle Mackinnon who shares with us her brilliant method for helping people make lasting changes and growth successfully.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

BOB’S SESSION WITH DANIELLE: “If you’d like to read an article about how Danielle helped Bob to successfully identify a subconscious obstacle that was holding him back from a long-awaited goal (with remarkable results), you can find that article here: http://www.bestpsychicmediums.com/Danielle-Article.htm

The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits

The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits–Ghosts Who Are Allegedly Lost Between Worlds, Don’t Know They’re Dead, Or Are Afraid To Go Into The Light

Too many of the bereaved are suffering in their fear that their deceased loved ones are lost or stuck between worlds–commonly known as earthbound spirits. To me, this is a sad and unfortunate tragedy for the grieving because I have not seen any evidence of this belief in over 13 years of investigating the afterlife. Yet these beliefs that the recently deceased can get lost and not find their way to the light, or don’t know they’re dead, or don’t trust their loved ones in spirit who are calling them to the light, have been passed down through the generations, and I don’t know anyone who has ever questioned these ideas. If you have been worried that your loved one who passed might be an earthbound spirit–or if you’ve been blindly spreading these ideas around to others–consider the multiple arguments I make in this video to dispell these fear-creating myths so you can make a conscious decision about this subject after seeing both sides of it.””  ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Tips for Choosing the Best Psychic Medium

by Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

Do Some Online Research

I’m often amazed how few people actually take the time to do any research on a psychic medium before they book a reading. I think we sometimes forget what it was like twenty years ago when we didn’t have the Internet we know today, which provides us with instant access to a plethora of information. In fact, you can learn a lot about a person just by visiting their website.

First off, you want to find out if the psychic medium you’re considering has a website. I personally hesitate to pay for a reading with someone who doesn’t have a website because, to me, it’s a sign that they might not be committed to this calling. If they have a website, especially if they have a professional-looking website that doesn’t look like their eight-year-old son designed it, it improves their professional image and makes them at least appear to be a viable prospect.

I then look to see if their website is one of those free websites anyone can get overnight. If it is, it usually has a button or link at the bottom from the company that hosts it, which reads something to the idea of, “Get Your Free Website.” From where I sit, a free website is a red flag that this person might be here today but gone tomorrow. I personally don’t want to give my credit card number out to anyone who might disappear overnight. A fly-by-night scam artist has personally ripped me off and it wasn’t a fun experience. So I lean on the side of caution and recommend that you do the same.

If the psychic medium has a professional-looking website, I then look for a photograph of the psychic medium. Sometimes their photo is shown on the ABOUT page, if not the HOME page itself.

If there’s no photo, it concerns me. It makes me wonder why they don’t want to show their face. Do they feel guilt or shame about something they’re doing? Are they not fully committed to their work? Are they hiding from the FBI? Even if none of these are the case, I personally prefer to rule out all the red flags of warning when choosing a psychic medium to lead my sacred experience of spirit communication. Call me over-cautious, but I’m old fashioned and prefer to see who I’m doing business with. And I believe we can learn a lot about a person energetically simply by looking at their photograph. As a result, a photograph is a must for me.

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Dimensional Layers, Fifth dimension and my Psilocybin mushroom experience

So much truth in this video. Important information and messages for this time.
In the end he is talking about the more chaotic times and the energy that is everywhere right now, although I feel it has been chaotic and energies everywhere for some time now !! Maybe it’s getting more intensified. Anyway: “We must remain within that silent awareness within us, within the heart, that meditative space that is always connected to that infinite fractal intelligence. And if we stay within that silent mind and move into the heart – that is rumbling with intelligence – we begin to start accessing the unity of the fifth dimension and beyond. Because the mind is duality. The heart is unity. And the heart knows and stores all dimensions within it, because it is the zero field. The zero field contains every field, every fractal expression you can imagine.”


by Creative Numerology, Christine DeLorey

“Everything begins on the inside, and manifests in the outside world. 7 is the number of the inner self – the number of INTROSPECTION and SELF EXAMINATION, which we need to explore individually, nationally, and as a species. 7 represents LEARNING – THE MIND – AWARENESS – KNOWLEDGE.

2014 is a 7 Global year, and July 17, 2014 was a 22/4 day in the world. (7+1+7+7=22/4).
22/4 is the number of MAJOR OCCURRENCES and GLOBAL PROPORTIONS. 2 represents the balance achieved when humanity finds its own balance which comes from equality, fairness, justice, and the constant improvement of conditions for everyone, not just a few. 2 indicates the energy we are evolving INTO (the 2000s).”


The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on the war-torn Ukraine/Russia border – followed hours later by Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, have one gaping reality in common – WAR.

We instinctively know that this is not how life is supposed to be. War is the absence of reason and the destruction of life. However, the hatred that drives war is only part of the problem. GREED for “victory”, territory, resources, power, money, control, and the belief in “supremacy” are the deeper causes behind all this lethal effect.

Whenever an event affects us on a global scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which do not tell us what happened, or who did what to whom. But they do reveal how everything is connected.

The tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 occurred during a month in which the numbers 7, 77, and 777 are prominent.

Many instances of 17 also formed out of this disaster.

Most obviously, Flight MH 17 was shot down on 17 July, 2014.

However, according to Boeing records, the date on which this particular Boeing 777 flew for the very first time was 17 July, 1997. Therefore, 17 July 2014 was its 17th anniversary.

(Both 1 and 7 represent the self. 1 focuses on one’s outer reality, while 7 takes us inward.)

The Serial Number of this aircraft is 28411, which adds up to 16. (1+6 = 7).

Even the type of missile, (the BUK), suspected of shooting the Boeing 777 down adds up to 7.

Both events contain several instances of 16, which is the karmic vibration of 7, and implies that there are serious lessons to be learned about the abuse of power, conspiring and plotting, and the impossibility of covering things up in this age of increasing transparency. 16/7 represents the classic “fall from grace” and the higher up you find yourself, the harder the fall. 16/7 is the number of downfall. 7 represents scandal (real, imagined, and contrived).

While 7 does indeed provide fertile ground for real conspiracies to be planned, plotted, orchestrated, and hatched, it also sets the tone for all manner of “theories” to be hatched as well, some of which can throw us completely off course on the search for truth.

(Added on July 20): It is astonishing that July 17 also marked the 18th anniversary of TWA’s Flight 800 which exploded in mid air just 12 minutes after takeoff from New York’s JFK Airport. That was in 1996, which was also a 7 global year, (1+9+9+6= 2+5=7), making this another 777 event.

It does appear that the 7 energy is screaming to be noticed at this time, as if our very future depends on it. Everything begins on the inside, and manifests in the outside world. 7 is the number of the inner self – the number of INTROSPECTION and SELF EXAMINATION, which we need to explore individually, nationally, and as a species. 7 represents LEARNING – THE MIND – AWARENESS – KNOWLEDGE. And in the 77/14/5 month of July 2014, we have the ability to recognize and rectify past and present mistakes and learn from experience!

Karmic 14 relates to both experience and lack of experience, and we are seeing just how INEXPERIENCED and incompetent we are when it comes to using our own technology and cleaning up our own messes. Karmic 14 shows how lack of caring produces carelessness.

July 1 not only marked the half way point of 2014, it also brought us into a 5 month – the number of sudden and unexpected development and CHANGE. 5 is also the number of CONSEQUENCES which, of course, is another word for ‘cause and effect’. Ultimately, 5 is where everything meets, producing moments of truth that open our senses, minds, and hearts. 5 represents the FREEDOM to exist just as we are.

Israel came into being on the 14 May in a 22/4 year (1948). Its Destiny Path is 5. (5+14+22=4+1=5). 

imagesBenjamin Netanyahu was born on 21 October, 1949 (3+1+5=9). He was born on the 9 Destiny Path which means that he came into this lifetime to develop compassion and learn how to let go of the past. He does not appear to be learning these lessons and, furthermore, he is in a 2 personal year in 2014 – the number of peace through UNITY. He cannot win. He cannot push his way through the slow and deliberate 2 energy without it pushing back with greater force. If you do not slow things down and act peacefully within the 2 vibration, 2 will bring you to a standstill. The old ways of the 1000s are over and by October, and certainly throughout 2015, Israel’s standing in the world may change drastically. We are in the 2000s now.

images-2Vladimir Putin born on the 7 October, in the 8 global year of 1952).  He was also born on the 16/7 Destiny Path. (7+1+0+8=16=7). In July, Putin is in a 4 personal month of restriction, breakthrough, planning, and detail –  in a 6 year of balance, extremes, responsibility, and accountability…


It would seem that neither of the men who are leading these wars will get what they wish for in 2014. When enough numeric energy is backed up against you, your actions can backfire very easily. Unfortunately, that does not mean that unprecedented damage won’t be caused in the meantime.


2014 is a 7 Global year, and July 17, 2014 was a 22/4 day in the world. (7+1+7+7=22/4).

22/4 is the number of MAJOR OCCURRENCES and GLOBAL PROPORTIONS. 2 represents the balance achieved when humanity finds its own balance which comes from equality, fairness, justice, and the constant improvement of conditions for everyone, not just a few. 2 indicates the energy we are evolving INTO (the 2000s). 4 represents restrictions, roadblocks, and obstructions, and all that stands in our way. 4 also improves our ability to break through these barriers.

More: http://creativenumerology.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/flight-mh17-and-gaza/

When we are depressed what we are feeling is resistance

When we are depressed what we are feeling is resistance. That is the only thing keeping you from what you want. When I was depressed I would live this resistance, which is pain. It was difficult to focus on anything else because the pain was so intense.

How bad does it have to get before we act? Either we kill ourselves because we cannot go on, or we decide to change our lives. There is always choice. We can make our lives the most wonderful or the most miserable. It is always up to the individual. Having been in hell, I will say creating a heaven and living that, is more enjoyable. Although I am grateful for hell and pain as well; It helped heal me and create my heaven.

There is no duality. There is no contrast. We perceive it as real, because we are meant to use it for our expansion and growth, but it’s not really real. It’s an illusion. By exploring it deeply, and ourselves in the process, we have a better understanding of what we are and what our truth is. In reality, there is only beauty. Everything is pure positive energy. The energy of love. It is the most wonderful to experience. In a way, the lower you go, the higher you may soar. By knowing intense pain, you may know intense joy. By knowing what you are not, you know what you are. And you get to experience what you are.

Contrast and duality can be interesting, but I prefer unity and oneness. At one point, you will see duality and contrast for what it is and only use it for what benefits you and your own expansion. You will only use your brain as the 3D tool it was intended to be, and you won’t be very affected by your mind either, which is 3D/4D. Because of this, you may free yourself from the limitations of the brain and the mind and go beyond. You may transcend human and the physical, and your human and physical experience will truly become amazing as you may experience it through a soul and spirit perspective instead. Allowing your soul and all that is to flow through you, to be in alignment with your soul is a human physical experience beyond what words are able to express or describe. Having been depressed and suicidal is what helped me get there. It helped me learn to die while living. To die on purpose, and free and liberate myself without having to physically die. It’s basically much of the same that happens in the “death process”, except you are still living. But you are reborn as the old “dies”. Which means it is transformed. There is no death.

There are many ways to live. Make sure you are living your life as is right for you. Follow your own philosophy of life, and live how you want.

May you be free, alive and prosperous.
May you see through the illusion and know your truth and the truth of this universe.
May you not be dependent on anything or anyone to give you anything energetically.
May you be responsible for your own energy, happiness and well-being so that humanity may come together as healed, whole and empowered individuals, without a need of getting energy or having to feed from others in any way.
May you see duality and contrast for what it is, and if the time is right for you, step out of it, so that you may enjoy and experience a completely different and fuller life experience.
May you know how unconditionally loved you are in every moment.
May you know how supported and cared for you are in every moment.
May you know existence and all that is.
May you remember, beloved. Remember everything.

Be at peace and blessed be.

All my love~


140,000 Year Old U.F.O Discovered – The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Before It’s News ⎜Friday, May 30, 2014 8:29

“It is not an object which is man made in modern time. What ever it is it’s either from during the ice age or pre-ice age.” – Peter Lindberg, February 24, 2013 “The object is older than 140.000 yrs. Older than that… with straight angles/lines – rounded corners… much like a “dinner plate” and separate from the base below.” – Dennis Asberg, September 28, 2012

There are THREE objects of interest – 1) the main 60 meter circular anomaly, 2) a smaller secondary object lying approx. 200 meters from the 1st anomaly with an area shaped like two “Gothic church windows” and 3) a third anomaly – a 28 meters high and 275 meters wide rock outcrop with a crack running through it, lying some 1500 metres South of the circular object, direct on the other end of the “trail”. The team has stated Anomaly 2 might turn out to be the most interesting than the first, and they plan to dive on it this time around

The object lies at approx. 85-90 meter depth in international waters between Sweden & Finland
Conditions at site are poor – visibility is low – 2-3 feet, low light levels, low temperatures.
60 meter in diameter, 4 meters thick
Perfectly round, somewhat flattened dome-shaped object made of a “rock-like” substance, although it is not a rock formation. There are rock formations, which appear on the surface of the object. (This is what a sample was taken of on the second expedition, NOT of the circular object itself. “They hammered off a couple of pieces from a huge rock formation on top of the circle, but it seems like that part is not really a part of the larger circular body. We were thinking that if it is a volcano the material with the smooth surface maybe was basalt and that the rocks on top were ordinary rock that has been broke and pushed up on top of the magma. But since the divers hardly could not see anything they just took samples from where they landed and that was on the highest point.” – Peter Lindberg, July 22, 2012)
The object seems to be very very old, rare and something the crew has never seen before. (Peter Lindberg feels that it could be Pre-ice age.) “I think you must think of this object being there for a very long time, natural or made in some way.” – Peter Lindberg, July 22, 2012
“When I say the anomaly is not a rock i mean that it is not a solid block of granite or some other “stone”. (like ayers rock in Ausralia) That is the definition I have of a rock. The anomaly is made of some other material which I do not know what it is but I´m sure there are several different materials @ the sight, you have 5-10 meter deep layer of clay, that lies on top of the Scandinavian rock. On top of the clay lies this anomaly, and on top of the anomaly small stones of different kind.” ~ Stefan Hogeborn November 13, 2012  When asked if the anomaly was metal, Peter Lindberg answered, “Nothing like any metal I know any way.”  June 8, 2012

Full article: 140,000 Year Old U.F.O Discovered

‘Everyone has right to be different’ ~ Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin said that the Western powers should allow countries around the globe “to live at their own discretion, not under someone’s haunting dictation.” Here are the Top 10 quotes from the president’s meeting with Russian diplomats.


‘Non-interference principle must be fit into European realities’

Western interference in Ukraine led to catastrophic consequences for the country, Putin said, suggesting measures to prevent the repetition of a similar scenario in other countries on the continent.

“The task is to fit the traditional principle of non-interference into modern European realities, initiating a serious international discussion of the issue. We all need some kind of a safety net in Europe, so that the Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Ukrainian precedents won’t turn into a contagious disease.”

‘Blackmail wrong tool in international relations’

President Putin criticized Washington, which already imposed sanctions on Moscow after the accession of the Republic of Crimea into Russia, for making efforts to scuttle Russia’s 1.12 billion euro deal on Mistral warships with France.

“We know about the pressure that our American partners put on France to prevent the supply of Mistral [warships] to Russia. And we know that they hinted that if the French won’t supply Mistral [warships] then sanctions against their banks will be removed or, at least, minimized. What is this, if not blackmail?”

However, he once against stressed the importance of close cooperation between Moscow and Washington.

“We have absolutely no plans to shut down our relations with the US. It’s true that our bilateral relations aren’t in the best of shape now. But it’s not our fault, not Russia’s fault.”

West should stop turning world into ‘global barracks’

Putin said it was high time for the US and Western Europe to give up their political ambitions and start building mutually beneficial relations with the rest of the world.


‘Ukrainian president fully responsible for violence’

A significant part of Putin’s speech was dedicated to the events in crisis-hit Ukraine, where President Petro Poroshenko decided to not prolong the ceasefire with the rebellious Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

“So far, Petro Poroshenko had no direct relation to the orders to take military action. Now he has taken on this responsibility in full. Not only military, but also political, which is more important.”

Putin repeated that Russia won’t interfere into Ukraine, but stressed Moscow’s readiness to help those fleeing the battlefield.

“Everything that happens in Ukraine is, of course, the internal affair of the Ukrainian state, but we feel painfully sorry that the people, the civilians, are dying. You know that there are a growing number of refugees arriving in the Russian Federation and we’ll certainly assist all those in need.”

‘We mustn’t sacrifice our vital interests just to be allowed to sit next to someone’

Russia has no interest in participating in formats for international relations where it’s only allowed “to play the role of an observer, with no final say on key issues,” Putin said.


With Gazprom cutting off gas supplies to Ukraine, Putin warned Kiev that Moscow is aware of its illegal attempts to obtain Russian gas.

“Well, [the Ukrainians] have been scheming with some of their partners. They, actually, get our gas, but pay to some European partner, which doesn’t receive its gas supply in full. We see everything. But, for now, we aren’t taking any actions in order to avoid aggravating the situation.”

‘Russia-China relations an example to others’

Putin also praised Russia’s ties with China, which have improved as a result of the West’s restrictive policies toward Moscow.

“It’s crucial that the Russian-Chinese friendship isn’t directed against anybody whatsoever. We don’t create any military alliances. On the contrary, it’s an example of equal, respectful and productive cooperation between the two states in the 21st century.”


Monsanto GMO crops are about to invade European farms

Monsanto’s ‘Roundup Ready’ GM maize could be growing in Europe next year.


Europe may have just opened the floodgates for Monsanto to grow its genetically modified crops across the continent. But the European Parliament can still vote to stop this.

GM crops are deeply unpopular with European citizens, but the industry’s massive lobbying is finally paying off. Last week, the EU Environment Council accepted a proposal that could see GM crops planted in Europe as soon as next year. 

Even worse, the proposal could give Monsanto and other biotech giants the power to overturn decisions made by democratically-elected governments to ban GM crops.

The European Parliament can still reject this decision. With MEPs voting on the issue soon, we need to make sure they hear from citizens across the continent to reject this Monsanto-backed proposal.

Tell MEPs to vote against allowing GM crops in Europe.

GM crops are deeply unpopular with European citizens. Wherever GM crops are grown, the dramatic increase in pesticide use like Mosanto’s poisonous Roundup can have devastating effects on the environment and health. It’s clear we need to be phasing out the use of chemicals on our farms, not ramping them up.

The proposal is being spun by the European Council as a ‘compromise’, but in reality it could allow GM companies like Monsanto to run roughshod over any opposition. Experts have warned that it would weaken the legal basis upon which countries can ban GM crops, opening their democratic laws prohibiting GMOs up to legal challenge. With Bayer and Syngenta already fighting in the courts to overturn Europe’s ban on bee-killing “neonics”, this is a real threat.

This is a brazen capitulation to the massive biotech lobby. No country that chooses to ban or regulate GMOs should be terrified of corporate lawsuits for taking this stand. But SumOfUs was created to harness our power as citizens and consumers against corporations — and it’s not too late to stop this.

The European Parliament still has to vote on whether to take these proposals forward. MEPs need to be reminded that we do not need or want GM crops here in Europe. Let’s make sure they hear us louder than Monsanto!

Sign the petition to MEPs telling them to vote against this dangerous plan.



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